Swings @ Mic Swagger

Watch Swings Spit Verses On ‘Mic Swagger II’ (With English Translations)

In Videos by Andrew

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The sixth episode of MIC SWAGGER II (hosted by Huckleberry P) features Moon Swings of Just Music. Click here to read the official english translation for his verses!

“I’m back from a long break, you should hold on
Moon Swings, man. Been doing nothing for last two years, but I’m back now
With Huckleberry P, Nuoliunce, man. Mic Swagger to all the rappers in Korea
I’m challenging now, y’all come out, jump in, you know I’m saying?
It’s great to be back, happy to be back here. Alright, let me do this right here”

Verse 1:
More beats, more fast food, gourmet, more enemies
It will accumulate as I make more dope music
The king of these streets, Moon Swings, they be running out of seats
All the rappers wannabes are looking for me
Most real MC, it’s me
They don’t even rap, they wake up and go to PC-Bang
Like they work there. They don’t even wash their faces
My lyrics are X-rated, always raw, and sometimes dark
I’ve monopolized the market, I’m an elevating rocket
My girls’ body nice, I write my lyrics just like that
Try to play me, you become sushi, I’m become Rakim
All shows, I rock it
I never know how to stop, never learnt to
Speed like a bullet, so duck down
Keep your head down, like you’re praying
Keep your eyes closed, like you’re exhausted

Verse 2:
Yo, more money, more power, more girls in the shower
Shinier watch, flower on my wrist
I need more feedback, it’s my fuel
Let’s not go home, burn for some more
Same lyrics for 10 years, same success for 10 years
Why change? Veto all the nonsense talks
When you complain, I’m buying a Jacuzzi, whoo
I’mma fucking in it.
I love the saunas, I’m a real Korean, whoo
Imma motherfucking crazy fucker
Never gonna stop till I meet Jay-Z, fucker
Go harder than an elephant
The takeover has started, go and tell a friend
I’m a major shareholder in this genre
I’mma stretch my pockets like a kangaroo

Verse 3:
Yeah, this is freestyle babe, I love this, Korean lady
I love foreigners too, I’ll just keep my head here, go here and go there
Okay, no shit, I’m not that good at freestyles but it’s okay, you all love it
If you fronting, Huckleberry P and Moon Swings
Here 10 years ago and 10 years later
We right here, never stopping cuz I’m KING, I’m Swings, let me tell ya again
Huckleberry P, freestyle king, not really but Huckleberry P is a real prince
But I’m an outsider in the hip hop scene, at the same time, I ate it all
I sliced and ate you like raw fish, y’all nasty, nasty. shit I’m nasty
Like GD & TOP, I’m just a king, I’m come here with just my guts
Y’all been sleeping at home without a girl when I was rapping
I just feel hot because it’s August
That’s right, I’m here right now,
Moon Swings, Olltii, Snacky Chan all up in this joint, stop.

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