Rapper Car with Hanhae

[Translators’ Notes] Rapper Car with Hanhae

In Miscellaneous by Lena

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Rapper Car is the latest web series by AKATV in which Kjun invites rappers for a drive with talking and live rapping. The third two episodes feature Hanhae of Phantom and are now available with our English subtitles. Read on for all the details!

Kjun and Hanhae talk Phantom, Show Me The Money, female fans, and acting cute.

Subtitle Credits Hanhae Episodes 1-2
Translations, Timing, Edit: Lena
Translation Check: Nahae
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae

New episodes with English subtitles are usually uploaded every Wednesday, we apologize for being late this time.

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Episodes and Translators’ Notes

Episode 1/2

  1. The first track is ‘구름 (Cloud) (Feat. Bumkey)‘.
  2. Hanhae puts it in a nutshell: he has to give half of his earnings to his label, while independent artists can keep most of it to themselves (they usually have to pay only one or two employees). That is why Microdot has so much money, the same goes for Illionaire.
    When he says that the best is to be on SMTM without having a label, he means that SMTM is a great way to easily advertise oneself and then earn lots of money due to the above reason.
  3. Hanhae being so popular by appearing on SMTM was most of the reason why the label decided to let him do solo activities (bluntly put: they thought that it would pay off due to his increased popularity).
  4. The “exchange” between Hanhae and Black Nut took place one day before the diss battle went down. So Hanhae had been practicing and preparing his lyrics for already three days when he was told that he’d be eliminated. He says it’s a relief though since his lyrics were rather “strong.”
  5. Some notes to his Rap Medley lyrics:
    1. purple + parcel → Convenience store CU has a parcel service and their logo is purple (and their commercial features Shin Bora — ‘bora’ means ‘purple’).
    2. “a mask of gimmicks” = You’re hiding behind gimmicks/props because you don’t have any proper skills.
    3. Mistake alert! It should be “your Secret Garden.” Please excuse.
    4. “Like Superstar’s three lines” → This most likely refers to the ‘K’ from Superstar K which is written with three lines. ‘To make one’s mark’ means to go down in history; i.e. he says he will go down in Korean (hiphop) history.
    5. “DD said that Superstars died” → This refers to Dynamic Duo’s track ‘Superstar (Behind the Scenes) (Feat. Tiger JK, Sean2slow, DJ Tukutz)’ off their first album ‘Taxi Driver’. The hook goes: “superstar 는 모두다 죽었다,” “All superstars have died.”
    6. “A child from Busan” → Hanhae is from Busan.
    7. “Look straight at me who’s denying that” → “That” refers to the fact that “all superstars have died.”
    8. “I’m a faithful wife” → He literally raps “I am Mang Buseok.” Mang Buseok is a stone which is said to either be a legendary faithful wife who waited for her husband until she died and turned to stone, or the stone on which the wife waited.
Episode 2/2

  1. When Hanhae imitates Ja Mezz, he uses the latter’s lyrics from ‘거북선 (Turtle Ship)‘.
  2. To imitate Sanchez, he sings Verbal Jint’s ‘충분히 예뻐 (You Deserve Better) (Feat. Sanchez)‘ off ‘10년 동안의 오독 (10 Years of Misinterpretation) Pt. I.‘.
  3. Hanhae’s “Marry Me” is Gyeongsang dialect which makes it even better.
  4. The song he raps is ‘내가 이래 (I Used To)‘.
  5. As Kjun aks if girls approach Hanhae, he actually means to ask if they approach him because they are interested in him. And Hanhae replies that he does receive messages but only indirectly, through other people. The Korean on-screen texts here read: #real_man_Hanhae #let’s_go_confess
  6. While freestyling, Kjun makes a pun on Hanhae’s name which written as “한 해” (han hae) means ‘one/a year’.
  7. Hanhae freestyling “Y’all are my pants” (???) was probably because he couldn’t think of anything better to rhyme with. It apparently embarrassed him so much that he turned into a dinosaur. Rawr!
  8. When he says, “I hope that everything appears natural to everyone,” he means that he does not want the things he does to look forced, fake, unfitting, or something along those lines.



The next two episodes feature KittiB, so be on the lookout for them! The subtitles will probably not be up by Wednesday but we are trying to finish them at latest by Friday. We hope for your understanding.

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