Billy Carvin - Feminism: Violent Legacy (cover art)

Billy Carvin releases single and short film ‘Feminism: Violent Legacy’

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Cream Villa‘s rapper Billy Carvin (previously known as LOBEN) has pre-released the single ‘Feminism: Violent Legacy‘ off his first solo album. A short film on the topic of misogyny in Korea was released as well.

In this single, Billy Carvin carefully raps about feminism in Korea’s current society. The song is a pre-release off the rapper’s upcoming first album. Along with every pre-release, one part of a four-part short film series is being released as well, which Billy Carvin personally directed.

The rapper chose the topic of feminism because he wanted to explain its importance to those who think they’re feminists, to those who are against it, and to those who have no interest in it. He hopes they will understand why the dispute came up, what feminism actually is, and then give it more thought.

Watch the first episode of the short film series, titled “I thought that was normal,” with the translated narration below.

Meanwhile, the digital single is available on Korean music portals.

‘Feminism: Violent Legacy’ Single Credits:

Executive Producer: FACTORYBOY RECORDS
Composed by SCARY’P, Walkman
Arranged by SCARY’P, ChilliFeed, ABSOUD
Written and performed by Billy Carvin
Recorded by FAME-J at FACTORYBOY Studio
Mixed & mastered by FAME-J at FACTORYBOY Studio
Artwork by BRED GRAPHY

Feminism: EP1. Film Credits:

Directed by Billy Carvin (Kang Jungwoo)
Narration: Jang Daye
Background Music: ‘The Longest Rest’ by Gunnar
Script: Billy Carvin (Kang Jungwoo)

Feminism EP 1:

“I thought that was normal.
That’s how I had lived life since I was a child.
Only after becoming an adult, I realized the injustice.

“Companies favor men.
In order to work at such a company,
I went from interview to interview,
having to endure sexual remarks.
It was the same after I got hired.
Thinking about it, it’s always been that way.

“Before she changed her name, my mom’s name was ‘Malsoon’.
It means ‘the last daughter.’
She was the second of two daughters.
My mom was not welcomed into this world,
like an uninvited guest.

“The little sister I should have had
was aborted because she was a girl.
Meanwhile, my young little brother had the love of all the elders to himself.”

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Source: Mnet

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