Don Mills - MEERAE (album cover)

Don Mills releases first full-length album and MV ‘MEERAE’

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VMC‘s one and only Don Mills has released his first full-length album today. ‘미래 (MEERAE)’ (Future) presents the next generation a new future.

When saying that “Don Mills is a rapper who clearly has his own style!” is there anyone who would not agree?
In the last few years, the trend of trap beats, the repetition of single words (where opinions diverge) and one-dimensional rap have spread throughout the world-wide hiphop scenes. Within, Don Mills has shown a distinct difference to other rappers who are busy trying to copy Don Mills’ unique explosive energy and rough voice as well as his melodic hooks.

Also, Don Mills clearly knows his expressions and grammar.
His punchlines like “The wheel of fortune turns, Kim Yuna,” are one-dimensional but sharp and have created hit songs like ‘88‘, ‘강백호 (Kang Baek Ho)‘. From zero to hero, he featured on tracks of the crème de la crème in the Korean hiphop scene like Beenzino, Zico, and Gary, and has become an icon. Don Mills’ wit is not only audible in his music but also when he moderates the Hiphop Playa Radio show with Nucksal.

How does the future that Don Mills brings you look like?
In this album, he roughly and straightforwardly spreads out the future he pictures. The title track ‘MEERAE‘ was daringly placed at the very beginning of the album and starts by revealing Don Mills’ aspirations for the future, his certainty about succeeding, his confidence as a rapper, his values regarding music, reminisces of the past, and more. His very own ‘blueprint’ and life are packed into twelve tracks.
Not only Don Mills’ VMC labelmates Deepflow, Nucksal, and ODEE, but also Dok2 and BewhY who can both currently be seen on SMTM5, Just Music’s “First of Fury” VASCO, captain of the 27 pirates Buckwilds’ JTONG, and son of Deokso CHANGMO all participated in describing Don Mills’ vision of the future.
One charm of the album that you should especially not miss out on is Don Mills’ rap technique that has been relatively devaluated. He tries himself at new aspects of the rap spectrum, like irregular rhythm and tongue twisters. Due to his image of being a refreshing character and the trap-specific repetitive lyrics and flow, this album will win over Korean hiphop fans’ favor.

Since Show Me The Money, countless rappers have knocked on the doors of TV stations for the sake of fame. While fellow rappers either succeed or fail in the show and prepare for a new try, Don Mills has patiently cultivated his skills of making music and albums, waiting for the right time.

His first full-length album ‘미래 (MEERAE)’ is the fruit of the silent efforts he has been making since his debut and it will be remembered as the hot summerly present to all the hiphop fans who had been waiting for an outstanding rookie’s well-made album.

Don Mills’ full-length album ‘MEERAE’ is available on iTunes.

Track List and Credits:
  1. 미래 (MEERAE) (Future) TITLE
    Produced and arranged by Ian Ka$h | Lyrics by Don Mills | MV directed by HDR Sparkle Design
    I see the road ahead better than Giriboy1)The name ‘Giriboy’ is taken from the Korean ‘길이 보이(다)’ (giriboi(da) ) which means ‘to see the way/path/road [ahead]’. | I’m way smarter than Nochang2)Nochang’s Korean artist name is lit. ‘Genius Nochang’ | I’m way more of a nutjob than Swings and JTONG | I’m as deep as Sang-goo3)Deepflow’s real name | I haven’t participated in Show Me The Money even once but I’m far ahead of Show Me The Money’s producers | I haven’t participated in Show Me The Money even once but my future is far ahead of Show Me The Money’s producers
  2. Ye I Need (Feat. Nucksal, ODEE)
    Produced and arranged by TK | Lyrics by Don Mills, Nucksal, ODEE
  3. 2.0 (Feat. BewhY)
    Produced and arranged by TK | Lyrics by Don Mills, BewhY
  4. 머리 안의 콩팥 (Kidney Inside My Head)
    Produced and arranged by TK | Lyrics by Don Mills | MV directed by Deepflow
  5. (Rice) (Feat. JTONG)
    Produced and arranged by Ian Ka$h | Lyrics by Don Mills, JTONG
  6. 드렁큰던밀스 (Drunken Don Mills)
    Produced and arranged by Buggy | Lyrics by Don Mills
  7. E.D.L. (Feat. VASCO)
    Produced and arranged by Zesty | Lyrics by Don Mills, VASCO
  8. All Age (Feat. Dok2, Deepflow) TITLE
    Produced and arranged by TK | Lyrics by Don Mills, Dok2, Deepflow
  9. That Shit
    Produced and arranged by Ian Ka$h | Lyrics by Don Mills
  10. Fetish
    Produced and arranged by TK | Lyrics by Don Mills
  11. 안겨줘 (Feat. CHANGMO)
    Produced and arranged by TK | Lyrics by Don Mills, CHANGMO
  12. Air Canada
    Produced and arranged by Zesty | Lyrics by Don Mills

Executive producers: Don Mills, TK, Deepflow, Suk ChanwooCo-Producer: VMC
Production/A&R: VMC, STONESHIP
Recording Engineer: Don Mills @ Bulgama Studio
Mixing & Mastering Engineer : nahzam sue @ 쑥고개 Ⅲ Studio
A&R Director: Suk Chanwoo
A&R Management: Lim Heejung
A&R Assistants: Park Sungjin, Lee Poonghyun, Sin Dukmoon
Artist Management: Suk Chanwoo, Lim Heejung
Styling: BassHammer
Photographer: Boobagraphy
Art Director: Row Digga

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Source: Mnet

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