Exclusive Interview with Paloalto

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Check out what Paloalto had to say!

paloalto smtm

The CEO of Hi-Lite Records, rapper/producer Paloalto has been known for his consistent, meaningful, and honest lyricism. As one of the producers for Korean hip hop show, Show Me The Money Season 4, Paloalto is garnering quite the attention. As a fan of Paloalto and admin for Tumblr blog: street-crush, I was able to conduct an interview with Paloalto sometime last year. Here are the interview details below!

While reading, listen to my TOP 5 favorite songs by Paloalto:

When did you start making music, rapping, and writing lyrics?
I started writing song lyrics when I was in 6th grade of elementary school, and started writing rap lyrics in middle school.

Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with?
There are many. However, I think I need to find matching songs and then offer to work together.

Do you have any thoughts about holding a concert overseas (for example the US or England)?
The thought is always there, but I don’t have specific plans yet.

What are your future activities?
As always, to make good music, to hold amazing performances.

Out of all your songs, which is your favorite?
It changes from time to time, but I want to recommend ‘Renaissance’ the most.

Who are your favorite artists? (Overseas and Korean artists)
There’s too many. It’s hard to name all of them…

What made you want to be a rapper?
Because rapping was so fun.

As a rapper, is there a goal you want to achieve?
I think that perhaps I have already achieved all the goals as a rapper. I will continue making creative works, not as a rapper but as an artist.

Are there any words of advice or anything you would like to say to students who dream of pursuing music?
Listen to your heart. 1)Literally: Tilt your ears to your heart

What are your thoughts on overseas fans?
It’s fascinating, and I am thankful.

Are there any artists that Hi-Lite Records would like to sign with?
As of now there aren’t any.

Is there a separate place for artists to record within Hi-Lite?
Yes, Hi-Lite Records has a studio.

What are the pros of being the head of Hi-Lite?
I am always thankful that I am able to be with creative and great artists.

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to your overseas fans?
I really want to meet everyone through performances.

paloalto autograph

I want to thank Paloalto for agreeing to the interview when I had conducted it! Also, I wish him the best for his future activities, and am looking forward to him in Show Me The Money Season 4.

Last but not least, we always appreciate feedback. So do leave us a comment with your opinion, share or like this post!

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