Young Lion - Heart on a Sleeve (cover)

Young Lion – Going in for Life (feat. Sleeq)

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Verse 1)
I don’t think that Drake ready for my next song1)reference to Drake’s ‘I’m Ready for You’
Our rap’s a head shot, you can’t fend it off with a bulletproof vest2)reference to BTS on
Young Lion, Little Colossus3)Sleeq we the best
We’re a worldwide 5-star restaurant

Life is a test in every moment,
most kids copy others’ answers
or they are busy with the answer sheet,
I do my own thing, I do me

Haters say blah blah
Although they don’t do anything, they always have a lot to say
At those times, I don’t refuse
but put up my long and handsome middle finger (fuck ’em)

A glass with ice and Hennessy,4)Cognac
a smooth vocal sample from the 70s
my consciousness is gone so high,
the rhyme patterns gushing out of my pen are heavenly, hoh

On this beat, my mood is mellow,
the words I spit are a sweet marshmellow
but a guy as hard as me? Never met ’em,
a rich boy but his way of thinking is so ghetto

Make money,5)repeats ‘make money’ in Korean get the CREAM
but don’t lose your dream, don’t forget the dream
I have dedicated my life to M.U.S.I.C.
My addiction, my heroin, yeah so I’m

on permanent high, permanently fly,
I don’t need a landing zone. Once again,
on permanent high, permanently fly,
there’s no getting off cause I’m goin’ in for life like dat

Verse 2: Sleeq)
While I’m writing lyrics, the sun rises
I rap till the morning, huh
Hot like Cole and Drake, C6)Young Lion’s a.k.a is C-Hon & Sleeq, there’s nobody above us
That is natural, there’s no consolation for you7)wordplay on “위로” which means both ‘above’ and ‘consolation’

We don’t need an example
Never imitate, this verse will soon become your textbook
Take a seat below us and learn, uh
I’ll give your specialty a name: copying machine

If you’ve put your life on the line, lock your door
Immerse yourself all day to become stronger
Just having possibilities isn’t enough so I
spend all my youth, going in for life

No bypass, just go straight ahead, direct hit
If your way ahead is blocked, trample it8)the obstacle down first
If there’s no way, make one, be Columbus
There’s only me, nobody similar, Lil Colossus9)Sleeq’s a.k.a

After believing in myself, I believed in my future
There’s nothing after that, just roll in the deep10)‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele (see next line)
Adele, I definitely didn’t choose
this path without any worries, so my stubbornness cannot be stopped

You cannot gain anything without pain, huh
I’m a masochist, I enjoy gaining
My dream came first but I never lowered my head
because, like I said, I rap till the morning

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