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A proper translation needs two people who know both the source and target language. We unfortunately do not have the luxury of a proofreader, so translations may contain mistakes. Nevertheless, we do our best to convey the lyrics’ original intention as intactly and clearly as possible.
Do read the ToU below and for more information the FAQ. If you have a question that is not covered on this page, you can contact us via Twitter, tumblr or email. Thank you.

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Terms of Use

  1. You may not repost our translated lyrics. Always link to our site.
  2. You may not use our translated lyrics to make money.
  3. You may use our translated lyrics for lyric videos,  to translate them into your own language, or to interpret them. If you do so, always credit us using a link to the page with the translated lyrics you used.
  4. If you would like to use our translated lyrics for a different purpose or have any questions, contact us via Twitter, tumblr or email.



  1. How come you can translate Korean lyrics?
    Our team members are either bilingual or have studied Korean/translation. Visit our About page for more info.
  2. How often do you publish new translated lyrics?
    We try to update at least once a week but this does not always work out as we are doing this in our free time.
  3. How do I know which translated lyrics you will publish next?
    We notify about upcoming translations via Twitter, sometimes only in form of hints, sometimes in form of a whole translated extract of the lyrics. From time to time, new translations are also posted spontaneously without prior notice.
  4. Do you romanize lyrics?
    No, we do not. You can easily romanize lyrics by using for example this Korean Romanization Converter by Pusan University.
  5. From where do you take the original (Korean) lyrics?
    The original lyrics are mostly sourced from Naver Music or Mnet. As for songs off free mixtapes, lyrics are usually included in the downloaded zip file.
  6. Where can I find the link to the original (Korean) lyrics?
    The original lyrics are always linked at the top of the page where it says “Source original lyrics” or “Original lyrics.”
  7. How do I search for lyrics? Do you have a search bar for that?
    At the moment, we do not have a search bar especially for translated lyrics. You can use our site-wide search bar in the main menu above. Just type in artist name, album, or song title to find what you are looking for. Do note though that the posts are titled using either the official English titles or English translations of the Korean song titles, e.g. ‘Jay Park – 몸매’ would be ‘Jay Park – Mommae’ (official English title) and ‘E SENS – 삐끗’ is ‘Gone Wrong’ (English translation). You can still use the Korean titles to search though.
  8. Where can I request lyrics to be translated?
    You can suggest lyrics here. Please do read the instructions. If the form is not filled out correctly your suggestion will be disregarded.
  9. How long do I have to wait until the lyrics I requested are translated?
    Not all requests are translated (which is why we rather call them “suggestions”). If you are lucky your suggestion may be translated right away, else you may have to wait several months.
  10. Can I suggest more than one song?
    Of course. You can even suggest the same song several times.
  11. How many suggestions do you get?
    We currently have a list of about 270 songs that were suggested for translation.
  12. How do you choose which lyrics to translate?
    We do not have a fixed system for this. We try to translate lyrics by diverse artists and both old and new songs. We are more inclined to translate lyrics that are popular (i.e. many ask us to translate them), but it also depends on other factors. Some songs are chosen completely randomly.
  13. How long does it take to translate a song?
    This obviously depends on the length of the lyrics and their difficulty. Some can be translated within one hour, others might take even months. It also happens that lyrics are simply too difficult for us to translate. We strive to deliver you only the best, so please be understanding if we have to decline a suggestion due to the lyrics’ difficulty.
  14. What dictionaries do you use to translate?
    We mainly use Naver Dictionary. If a word is not included in the dictionary we do an online search or ask native speakers.
  15. How can you be sure that your translations are correct?
    We can never be sure because only the one who wrote them knows their exact meaning. Korean is a vague language and so are lyrics, thus we often need to interpret the lyrics in order to translate them. In such cases, we add notes to the translation.
  16. What are the Translator’s Notes for?
    In order to help you understand the lyrics better the translator adds explanations, especially for cases when a pun or wordplay is lost in translation. Not everything gets a note though, very obvious references or puns that you can understand without knowing Korean do not get a Translator’s Note.
  17. Some translated lyrics include the note “Repost” or “Revision,” why is that?
    Those translations have already been posted by our team members on tumblr a few years ago and were simply reposted to HiphopKR or corrected (“revised”) if necessary.
  18. What does “NSFM” mean?
    Not suited for minors. We just feel it is a better fit to our site than NSFW (not suited for work).
  19. Why are some lyrics labeled “NSFM”?
    We do not have guidelines for this. We label “NSFM” due to sexual content, depiction of violence, or an abundant amount of swearwords.
  20. Why do you not rate the lyrics according to Korean music portals’ 19+ ratings?
    The Korean rating system is a mystery to us so we do not make use of it. Sometimes, very sexual/violent/offensive lyrics are not rated 19+ while others only contain the f-word and are rated 19+.
  21. Iron – Turn Back (Feat. Gang Heo Dalim)‘ is protected with a password, how can I view the translated lyrics?
    Those lyrics are password-protected due to depictions of extremely violent historical events. You can find a warning and the password here.
  22. I found a mistake in your translation!
    In that case, we’d appreciate it if you could let us know via Twitter, tumblr or email.
  23. I have a question regarding a translation. / I still have a question that is not covered in these FAQ.
    Feel free to contact us via Twitter, tumblr or email.