TK - Tourrist (cover)

Producer TK of VMC releases first full-length album ‘Tourist’

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Hiphop label VMC’s producer TK has released his first full-length album ‘Tourist’ today as well as the music video for the track ‘One More Night’.

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Tracklist and Credits:
  1. Passenger (Intro)
    Composed and arranged byTK
  2. Pathfinder (Feat. Babylon, Nucksal) TITLE
    Lyrics by Nucksal, TK
    Composed by Babylon, TK
    Arranged by TK
  3. Good Days (Feat. Samuel Seo, Young Jay)
    Lyrics by Samuel Seo, Young Jay
    Composed by Samuel Seo, TK
    Arranged by TK
  4. Feel Alright (Feat. Hwaji, ODEE)
    Lyrics by Hwaji, ODEE
    Composed and arranged by TK
  5. In The Hand
    Lyrics by TK
    Composed and arranged by TK
  6. Tourist (Feat. JJK)
    Lyrics by JJK, TK
    Composed and arranged by TK
  7. Exile (Interlude)
    Composed and arranged by TK
  8. Local Market (Feat. Loco, Suran) TITLE
    Lyrics by Loco, TK
    Composed by Suran, TK
    Arranged by TK
  9. Audrey (Feat. Owen Ovadoz, KOHO)
    Lyrics by KOHO, Owen Ovadoz
    Composed by KOHO, TK
    Arranged by TK
  10. Till Dawn (Feat. Wutan, Don Mills)
    Lyrics by Wutan, Don Mills
    Composed and arranged by TK
  11. Hotel Room (Interlude)
    Composed and arranged by TK
  12. One More Night
    Lyrics by TK
    Composed and arranged by TK
    MV directed by Deepflow
  13. Tomorrow (Feat. Deepflow)
    Lyrics by Deepflow
    Composed and arranged by TK

Executive producers: TK, Deepflow, Suk Chanwoo
Production: VMC, STONESHIP
Recording engineer: TK @ 1BOB Studio
Mixing engineer: Nahzam Sue @ 쑥고개 lll Studio, Park Kyungsun @ Boost Knob
Mastering engineer: Park Kyungsun @ Boost Knob
A&R director: Suk Chanwoo
A&R management: Lim Heejung
Photograph: 502호
Art director: Row Digga

Producer TK of Deepflow’s label VMC has released his first full-length album ‘Tourist’.

The album is made up of 13 tracks and features VMC’s Deepflow, Don Mills, Nucksal, Wutan, and ODEE, as well as AOMG’s Loco, MKIT RAIN’s Owen Ovadoz, ADV’s JJK, Samuel Seo who won the R&B Album of the Year award at the Korean Music Awards last year for his first full-length album, Hwaji who is receiving praise for his second full-length album ‘ZISSOU‘ recently, rising star R&B singer Babylon, charming vocalist Suran, and Paju representatives rapper Young Jay and singer KOHO. You can even hear TK’s voice on the two tracks ‘One More Night’ and ‘In The Hand’.
So far, TK has completely produced Deepflow’s ‘Yanghwa‘, Wutan’s ‘ZOORECA’, and Don Mills’ ‘Young Don’, as well as tracks for Jang Hyejin, Supreme Team, Geeks, Swings, Crucial Star, and more.
After only “producing beat for his hyungs,” TK has now released his own album. Below is the introduction of the album ‘Tourist’ written by no other than Deepflow himself.

“As a person who does not believe in a god, moments in which I am fully certain of something are rare. Of course, this is a subjective opinion.

To list a few: the chances of my mom’s kimchi stew being tasty, the chances of the rap in a new track by E SENS being good, or the chances of Wutan getting completely drunk at a club. Something else I am certain of are the chances that I completely like TK’s new beats.
Just like the new suit that Alfred creates for Bruce Wayne in the movie ‘The Dark Knight’, TK has always put stylish clothes on me.

These days, the phrase “respect for people’s taste” is a fortress that cannot be destroyed easily. However, if there is one weapon that could destroy it, it would be ‘quality’.
In my ten years in Korea’s hiphop scene, I have felt that the most unstable factor has been ‘quality’. Most producers here can’t even read one note properly, not to mention sheet music. Well, but actually, that’s one of hiphop characteristics: just one sample loop can become the essence of hiphop if it is cut by someone with extraordinary sense and skills.
Yet, the question of quality is undoubtely still present in this scene.
When the trend of sampling beats passed and the trend of synthesizers and sequencing came, the quality of the tracks hurriedly released by those “who cannot read notes” was obviously very poor, the tracks were like premature babies. The chords and sound spectrum they could express by still relying on nothing but sense was extremely narrow and now we have arrived in an era where Korean hiphop music too needs ‘studying’.

When TK and I met around that time, he was a producer like a model student who had studied too well. In fact, when we met for the first time only five years ago, he did not listen to or produce any hiphop. He was more of an aspiring (?) ballad singer-songwriter who had been diligently studying orchestra sounds and midis.
I remember advising him in the beginning like this: “The quality of your beats is very good but they don’t have any hiphop sound. You should listen to a lot of hiphop.” At the time, TK was a typical person who had no clue about hiphop so I guess he must have been very taken aback by those words of mine. Anyway, it clearly was an attack on his pride as a model student and made him know what he had to study next.
There was the hiphop producer who has no clue about music and TK who was the opposite but had no clue about hiphop. When those two met, we arrived exactly at the place that we had been hoping to reach.

When TK started out, he seemed like a stranger who had come for a brief visit into the hiphop scene, but before we knew, five years had passed and now he has become one of the best model students of this scene. He was a student who knew how to study properly. It took him time and effort until his sense for hiphop had caught up with his quality, but the moment in which he added that sense to his existing quality–that moment was like magic.
TK graduated early from those studies he had been doing to no longer be a stranger in this place. He has truly established his place as hiphop label VMC’s best main producer. This does not mean that his studies were easy, not at all. The aspirations he had to sacrifice to adjust to each rapper’s taste while producing the albums of other VMC members were certainly not just a few. Nevertheless, that was how TK studied this place and it seems like he has completely graduated from there after producing my album ‘Yanghwa’.

And now, TK has nimbly brought you this album, ‘Tourist’. As if he was saying, “To be honest, this is what I wanted to do.”
‘Tourist’ is TK’s graduation trip in 13 parts and his travel essay written with a keyboard. You want to experience the meeting of this era’s greatest quality and greatest sense for hiphop, don’t you?
Right, so I hope that everyone will enjoy this trip.”

Album Preview:

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Sources: Mnet, Naver Music


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