JA - Lost & Found (cover)

JA returns after three years with new album ‘Lost & Found’

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After three years, second-generation hiphop producer JA makes a comeback with the album ‘Lost & Found’.

‘Lost & Found’ on iTunes
Tracklist & Credits:
  1. Lost & Found
  2. Shriek (Dada)
  3. 달의 몰락 (The Fall of the Moon)
    Lyrics by JA
  4. 뻠삥 (BbumBbing) Remix (Feat. Qwala)
    Lyrics by Qwala
  5. Do or Die (Feat. Syler)
    Lyrics by Syler
  6. 분필 (Chalk) (Feat. QM)
    Lyrics by QM
  7. ABBA (Feat. Errday)
    Lyrics by Errday
  8. 야 그냥해 (Hey Just Do It) Remix (Feat. Swings, Deepflow)
    Lyrics by Swings, Deepflow
  9. 미쳤어 (Crazy) (Feat. LQ)
    Lyrics by LQ
  10. Thursday Party (Feat. Roydo, Debi)
    Lyrics by Roydo, Debi
  11. 헤어지기 싫은 밤 (A Night on That I Don’t Want to Break Up) (Feat. Dio, Lee Jungmin)
    Lyrics by Dio
  12. Chill Out

All tracks composed and arranged by JA
(Italic texts in brackets are temptative English translations of the Korean titles)

As part of Salon 01 and Overclass, JA has once been one of the most acclaimed producers of South Korea’s hiphop scene. He made himself known through full-length albums like ‘Double Feature’ or ’90’ for which he was praised by critics and fans. Furthermore, he collaborated with artists like Swings, Verbal Jint, Junggigo, Basic, Simon Dominic, Beenzino, etc. and was also acknowledged amongst musicians.
However, his “home” Salon 01 (살롱01) disbanded and the hiphop scene was in a difficult situation as the online music market grew and everything became more short-lived. The reason why the names of second-generation Khiphop crews and groups like Soul Company, Big Deal, Jiggy Fellaz or Overclass cannot be heard these days anymore is also related to that situation. Artists who could not adjust to the changes of the music industry either quit making music or tried to make their way in the industry doing a different type of work, and others who wanted to keep making music prepared themselves for the new concepts that were to come.
That was also the time when a personal change found JA. Fed up of seeing the people around him insist more than necessary on one music genre and culture and thus getting buried in that small world, he did not want to confine himself to the small hiphop scene but make a variety of experiences. He studied the necessary subjects and learned some hobbies. He then taught students and formed a non-hiphop indie group with which he tried a new music style. As he was interested in and studied the music business as well, he joined a business and tried himself at managing. During that time, he did not release any music. Since the remix album ‘Shining Moments Director’s Cut‘ from 2012, not one album by JA has come out.
Those times during which he studied and made experiences were precious and very worthwile to him. However, he noticed that his yearning for making music and performing music, which he has had since a young age, would not stop. He needed an activity to help him resolve pent-up feelings, just like before. The process of listening to sound, refining it, combining it, studying it, releasing it, etc. were still JA’s work that brings him happiness. Therefore, he decided to resume his activities as the hiphop producer JA.
His comeback album that was born this way is named ‘Lost & Found’, implying that he is looking for the lost time and songs from those three years. He did not put his name on the line, but some of the tracks he has made for others artists back in the day are included in the album, re-interpreted, also as remixes.
Starting from JA’s ace, his basic style, the album includes a broad spectrum of hiphop that is relatively diverse for the narrow hiphop genre. As this is a completely new album, you can find the names of rookie rappers in it as well: QM, Errday, Syler, Debi, Roydo, and more.
During the three to four years that JA has not been active in the hiphop scene, South Korea’s hiphop genre has in a sense become a trend through ‘Show Me The Money’. Back then during the second generation of Korean hiphop, JA released a great amount of music and it is expected that he will do the same from now on as well. Look forward to find out if he can make a name for himself again in this changed environment.

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Sources: Naver Music, Mnet

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