Street Rap Shit 2015 poster

Street Rap Shit 2015

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Street Rap Shit 2015 is taking place this week on Saturday, October 17, in Seoul. JJK has left a message about this year’s program on hiphopplaya’s message board. Read on to find out what kind of special events are prepared for SRS 2015.

Hello. I am JJK.
I planned SRS which is short for Street Rap Shit
and is a street concert project I have started with the goal to enjoy the more basic fun of hiphop.
Luckily, this is the third year in succession that we’re holding SRS.

After ‘Win against Seo Chulgu’ in 2014,
at SRS 2015 we will choose battle MCs to represent each district and on November 21
we will hold an event at V Hall where we choose the nation’s best freestyle rap battle MC.
The jury will be me and Seo Chulgu, as well as YG’s producer KUSH, and the prize money are as many as 3 million won.
It will probably be the biggest battle in the history of Korean hiphop.
It is a good chance for rappers who enjoy freestyle, so I hope that many will participate.

I’m writing this because there will be many special events
at SRS 2015 in Seoul on Saturday, October 17, at the ‘Neuljang’ (늘장) near Gongdeok Station,
comparatively more events than in the other districts,
so I personally wanted to introduce them to you.

Starting at 2pm, we have not only prepared battles, cyphers, and concerts for you at SRS2015,
but also a flea market and a special seminar, a treasure hunt, and more enjoyable things to see and eat.

Deepflow will personally make tteokbokki for you, ‘Deepbokki’,
at Rylu Store, Jerry.k’s wife will sell her personally designed accessories and Jerry.k some of his prized possessions,
at Momoko Records you can buy LPs handpicked by Soriheda and MINDTRIP,
and you can also purchase ADV t-shirts and beanies, as well as albums.

In the seminar zone, editors Bluc and Melo will talk about music criticism
and kick&snap’s EtchForte about photographs of hiphop concerts and their value.
You’re welcome to listen or join the discussion. (The seminar costs 3,500 won, you get one free drink.)

You can find detailed information on the poster above.
Going to the concerts and watching the battles is for free, so stop by to have some fun!

You can find all info about SRS via ADV’s official social network accounts:
Facebook, Instagram

Thank you.




Street Rap Shit 2015
Date: October 17, 2015
Place: ‘Neuljang’ (늘장) near Gongdeok Station, Mapo District, Seoul
Seminar: 2.30-4pm Bluc & Melo | 4-5pm EtchForte for kick&snap
Flea Market: 2-9pm Deepbokki, Momoko Records, Rylu Store, PS, ADV
Live Stage: 5pm SRS 2015 Seoul rap battle preliminaries | 6pm SRS 2015 Seoul rap battle finals and concert
Line-up: JJK, Seo Chulgu, Olltii, Lupi, 8Dro, DJ DREV, Jerry.k, Deepflow

Source: hiphopplaya’s message board


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