Don Malik responds to Deepflow with ‘Deep talk’ in ongoing diss battle

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After Deepflow reacted to Don Malik’s diss track yesterday, Don Malik released ‘Deep talk’ in response to it just a few hours ago.

The whole battle started with Don Malik‘s track ‘old Wave‘ in which he dissed several rappers. He explained in an interview with HiphopLE, which was published today, that he had been a fan of everyone he dissed. However, those individuals disappointed him as he felt they were going back on their words. Yesterday, Deepflow of VMC, who Don Malik dissed in his track, reacted with the song ‘신관예우(新官禮遇)‘ which roughly means “treating newcomers with respect.”

The battle between this young rapper and the veteran is unfolding further as Don Malik has now released another track titled ‘Deep talk‘. It was, just like his previous track, produced by Cloudy Beats. Don Malik once again makes his point very clear starting with the image he used to represent this track. It is a screenshot of part of an interview in which Deepflow talks about Show Me The Money. Here are some important parts of it:

“[Deepflow:] ‘Participating on SMTM and thus earning more money than before does not mean one is a successful hiphop artist. We have to prove to the newcomers that they can do well like us even if they do not participate in auditions […]'”

“In fact, Deepflow has been asked to appear on the program [SMTM] several times. However, Deepflow and his label VMC made it clear that they will not go along with the trend.
[Deepflow:] ‘If all of this is entertainment, if you think that in this small rap game entertainment exists, then what we have to do is obviously to boycott it [SMTM]. Not out of a sense of duty or anything, but the honest answer really just has to be to deliberately boycott it and take the opposite stance.'”

Don Malik starts off his verse, which is quite long this time around, responding to Deepflow’s line of “You dare use the word ‘underground’? I’m its synonym.”

“The self-proclaimed synonym for underground appeared on Unpretty and took up the mic to judge celebrities
Let me ask you one thing Manse, that probably means
that it was you who sold out the entire underground [scene], huh?”

“I didn’t deny history, it’s a fact that you’re a traitor”

He also responds to Deepflow mentioning that he invested 10 mil in QM’s album while Malik supposedly took an equal amount for his featuring on the very same album:

“Paying someone [for their work] and getting paid [for one’s work] are the basics
After I learned about his situation, I got 30[0,000] and wrote a killing verse
He [QM] thanked me for doing it [with so much effort] as if it was my own [track].
I share my pay with my colleagues”

Deepflow mocked Don Malik for getting his first tattoo on the throat to which Don Malik says:

“My first tattoo is on my back, my name and a crown
I’ve never showed my back to you so you can’t see it”

Here, he is referring to the saying of ‘never showing one’s back to the enemy’. Since Deepflow also mocked the younger rapper for not having any rhymes in his verse on ‘old Wave’, Don Malik not only added great rhymes this time around, he also spits:

“All of your rhymes had no effect on me at all”

As a veteran who is older than most of his fellow rapper colleagues, Deepflow played the “I’ve got more experience” card in his verse, which Malik counters like this:

“The things that “Shh! Shh!” nobody can tell to your huge build,
I told them to you, be grateful, deep[ly]”

Don Malik also doesn’t forget to put in some witty wordplay, below with the word “대장” (daejang) which can mean both “boss” and “fat:”

“It must have been urgent, the boss stepped forward right away
With just a few words the fat on your stomach will come out”

“More important than your appearing on shows is your attitude
That heavy body very easily
turns around, like turning one’s hand, Doraemon’s helicopter
Even when the beat to ‘Cut Cut Cut‘ plays, people sing along to Nucksal and Huck P‘s verses
Even though he appeared on SMTM, Ja Mezz is still cool
I’ve asked my questions, where did you put your answers?
Let me tell you what this is, this is a dongsaeng talking about the hyungs’ pathetic actions
If talking nonsense even in a diss track makes you happy, well,
it’s your life
But if having been doing this for a long time is something to brag about, Outsider, Baechigi, next up Deep is back
If you’ve seen my interview with LE you’ll know, cause that was so simple that even you can understand
To the lyrics I wrote because I was so full of rage you responded with nothing but illusions from your head
Was I supposed to do nothing about racism? I see, the 10-year deep f*ck is so naive and nice”

“Spitting conscious rap to old idiots
is like singing psalms to a dead horse, I learned this
a few days ago so this here is just a verse for the sake of the battle”


The latest reactions from Korean fans were ecstatic, there was not a single negative thing said about this new track: “I didn’t think he was going to reply but this is dope,” “Within just two days, Don Malik’s coolness has risen by 400%,” “I really like his energy,” “The lyrics are so good,” “Aside from who’s right or wrong, my ears are enjoying this a lot,” “I’ve got goose bumps.”
Several fans also mentioned that they like the diss culture in rap as it allows for a situation like this where a young rapper can tell off the hyung: “Listening to Don Malik’s rap was cathartic.”

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