Swaggers Made in USA (main title)

[Translators’ Notes] Swaggers Made in USA 01-04

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Swaggers Made in USA is a new web series by AKATV featuring former SMTM participants Jung Sangsoo, Tarae, myunDo, and Superbee. We at Hiphop Korea are creating the subtitles for the series and will be telling you everything you need to know and more about each episode.

In this web series, the four Korean rappers visit several cities in the US and compete for the show’s first place. The winner will get the opportunity to release an album with a famous American producer.
Prepare yourself for these four issue-makers: Jung Sangsoo, who created an uproar amongst others by using the n-word during his SMTM audition, Tarae, the guy who left in a taxi, myunDo, who was completely edited out of SMTM and recently involved in a diss battle with Loopy, as well as Superbee, who has released several provocative tracks, e.g. ‘Shark in the Cold Pool (Feat. Black Nut)’.

Episodes 01-04 are already up with English subtitles, new ones are released every Wednesday.
We recommend you to watch them on YouTube, where the subtitles are easier to read.

Subtitle Credits Episodes 01-04
Translations: Nahae
Timing, Edit: Lena
Quality Check: Lena, Nahae, Rin

Info: besides Swaggers Made in USA, we are also creating subtitles for AKATV’s web series Rapper Car. The first two episodes that feature Olltii as well as his crewmates DJ DREV and Lupi will soon be up with English subtitles. He does voice impressions, talks about SMTM, and raps several songs live, including his latest track ‘Zero Gravity‘, so make sure to watch!

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Episode Links and Translators’ Notes

Episode 01: New York

No translators’ notes for this episode. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate! You can send them to us via any of our social networks, or directly contact Nahae or Lena (refer to the About page for details).

Episode 02: City Tour
  1. Here’s what they bought at Shake Shack:
    4 ShackBurgers: $32.35
    + 4 Cokes: $10.65
    +4 servings of French Fries: $10.00
    Total: $53.00
  2. When Tarae says “a whole meal” of ramyun, what he means is this: in Korea, ramyun is seen as a kind of junk food and not as a “proper” meal. A proper meal would be a main dish with rice and side dishes. However, many people (who are too lazy to cook/can’t cook/don’t have money for more) simply buy instant ramyun and eat them instead of a “proper” meal. So when Tarae says he wants to eat ramyun as a whole meal, he means that he wants to eat ramyun for dinner, for example.
  3. The rap that Jung Sangsoo performs to “pay” for the CD he received is from his song ‘명사수’ (Sharpshooter) off his first single ‘Color Glasses’.
Episode 03: Dance Battle
  1. When they refer to myunDo as the “master of dance,” they are making fun of him. He has a cap that reads “master/general/boss,” he was wearing it in the first episode.
  2. When Superbee says “Asian monkey” (a term he seems to have invented), he means it sarcastically since it sounds like a very pejorative, even racist term for acting like a clown/idiot, doing something embarrassing.
  3. When Tarae watches Sangsoo dance and says “It looks like there’s no age difference,” he means: it looks like there is no age difference between Jung Sangsoo and the street dancers.
  4. The rap that Jung Sangsoo performs after dancing is also from his song ‘명사수’ (Sharpshooter) off his first single ‘Color Glasses’. “I’ll keep shooting sharply,” in this case this part of the lyrics can also be interpreted as the sharp gazes that passersby are shooting him in that moment.
  5. When one of the producers describes Tarae as the guy who left in a taxi, he refers to the episode of SMTM where Tarae was eliminated and left angrily in a taxi, refusing to talk to the camera.
Episode 04: Allkpop
  1. When Superbee understands “LOLK-POP,” the “LOL” (correctly: LoL) does not stand for “laugh out loud” but for the online game “League of Legends.”
  2. Mistake alert! myunDo’s “bros” are correctly called “Gimchi Hill Gang.” Please excuse the mistake.
  3. myunDo raps, “Using English is up to me too,” referring to the eternal debate in Korean hiphop if English should be used in Korean rap or not.
  4. In case you wondered what “jawn” in myunDo’s rap means, look it up here.
  5. Please note: we have no idea if the names of the staff are written correctly. They might be Eddie and Jessyca (?).
  6. Random — if we had to choose the rap we liked the most out of the four:
    Lena –> Jung Sangsoo
    Nahae –> myunDo


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