Young B - 지도 (artwork)

Young B – Who Knows

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Verse 1)
Am I walking the path I have made
or has my individuality been stolen and I’m just following [someone]?
The mirror always reflects me but maybe this too,
even this might be my delusion


내가 만든 길로 걷고 있는 건지도
아님 색깔조차 빼앗기고 따라가는지도
거울은 언제나 날 비춰 근데 혹시 또
이것까지 전부 나의 착각인지도

The houses in my neighborhood get bigger
and I’m young but I think I know that banners only show lies
Friends I never see, belief I don’t need
I thought I had become stronger but I might have just become smaller

우리 동네에 집들은 커지고
난 어리지만 알 것 같아 현수막엔 거짓뿐
안 보이는 친구 필요 없는 믿음
난 강해졌다 생각했는데 작아질지도

On nights when I feel especially tired I hide in these insecurities
My worried mom calls me from downstairs
If this goes on I might just break down here
As times passes, those outcries might disappear

유난히 피곤한 밤엔 이 불안에 숨어
걱정하는 엄마는 아래층에서 날 불러
이러다가 여기서 내가 망가질지도
시간이 지난다면 저 외침이 사라질지도

I badmouthed the lazy scumbags in the neighborhood
but maybe I will become just like them
If I fail, the foreign cars in my imagination
might have completely different owners: them

난 게으른 동네 양아치형들을 욕했는데
또다시 난 그들과 똑같아질지도
내가 실패한다면 상상 속 외제차 주인은
그들로 완전히 뒤 바껴질지도

Last night, I dreamed about the US. Young me and Bumby
wanted to live there but it might remain as a dream to us forever
That place is so profound and reality
is something that doesn’t go very deep, [it’s like] oil that floats [on the surface]

어제 꿈에 나온 미국 어린 나와 범비는
살자 했는데 우리에겐 영원히 꿈일지도
그곳은 너무도 깊은 곳이고 현실은
깊게 빠지지도 않은 거, 붕 떠있는 기름

In the beginning, my team, we won
Hongdae street rappers who became popular only acted cool
I badmouth them now but the underground of my dreams
might have literally been that place from the start, who knows

처음 시작점에 내 TEAM 우리가 이기고
올라온 겉멋뿐인 홍대 길바닥 RAPPERS
이젠 그들을 욕하지만 꿈의 UNDERGROUND
그건 처음부터 말 그대로의 뜻일지도 몰라

Yeah, everything might have been a dream right from the beginning, who knows
You’re by my side but you might leave me tomorrow right away, who knows
Yeah, who knows

yeah 처음부터 전부 그저 꿈일지도 몰라
넌 내 옆에 있지만 내일 당장 떠날지도 몰라
yeah 몰라

Verse 2)
When I close my eyes I don’t see this place
I said that I wanted to go far away but after
I started to get scared everything went black
and I close my eyes, telling myself that it’s alright to take a short break

눈 감으면 보이지 않는 여기
난 멀리 가고 싶다고 말했지만 겁이
나기 시작한 뒤 눈앞이 깜깜해지고
잠깐 쉬어가도 된다며 두 눈을 감아

That’s right, there actually is a lot of pressure
But they all say that you retard, they’re all the same!
No, you haven’t done as much as I have!
Fuck you, superficial, pretentious old bastards!

그래 사실 많은 부담감이 만든 압박
근데 다 말하지 병신아 전부 똑같아
no 나만큼 해본 적도 없잖아 넌
fuck you 거품 낀 꼰대들 겉멋뿐

Yeah please don’t tell me, yeah,
what is right and wrong about where I am right now
I’m standing at the crossroads that block those problems
However my friends and I decided to f*ck it

Yeah please don’t tell me, yeah,
지금의 내 위친 뭐가 맞고 틀린가에 대해,
그 문제들이 막고 있는 기로에 있지
근데 내 친구와 난 좆까기로했지

Just do it, I’m cool, I will gain wealth
I’ve put everything at stake, my second dream that I’ve barely dreamed
Sometimes things go wrong for me too, like in the movies
F*ck the world, I have one shot

just do it.i’m cool 난 얻을 거야 “부 “
전부를 걸었지 겨우 꾼 나의 두 번째 꿈에
나도 가끔은 삐긋대, 마치 영화
F*ck the world, I have one shot

Yeah f*ck the world, I have one shot
Yeah f*ck the world, I have one shot
Yeah f*ck the world, I have one …

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