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New Champ – Wings

In Translated Lyrics by Nahae

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Verse 1)
Do I have to accept that my dreams are getting further away
Have I lived with excessive ambition
Flooded times, my twenties are now setting
Seemed to be achieved last time, seemed to be achieved this time
Always miss it by a close call

The sky’s energy is now detached
And declares that it’s my responsibility
All the reasons were that I believed I would be the best at everything
Thought that everything would work out, dare I say life was easy

Passion mixed with couple spoonful of efforts
Drink some glasses like it’s alcohol
Raised myself to forget the bitter taste
Saying that if I enjoy myself, I will be in front of the door of dreams

Put my chin up and became drunk, belittling others
The sweat and tears of those I belittled was unsightly
Didn’t want to stain my movie
Wished for my life to succeed just like that

Decorated myself expecting to get the world I wanted
Instead suffered crushing loss, I’m drenched in defeat
Standing ashamed in front of the door to my thirties
Staying there, nobody come

I’m just doing well, sorry to all
Thought about hiding, but even if I escape
Still a world of living humans
close my room door and avoid my lonely father

Verse 2)
The door I locked; my father’s hands
As if that wasn’t enough, I nailed up the door; my father’s heart
Till this age accepted everything like the falling snow in winter
Never once brought honor

This never-ending debt, once more thankfully,
Don’t even have time to despair, pressure me to run
Forced, try running with a blank face
Ability to run amazes me and I muster up courage again

Even if I get beat to death, can’t undo this life
If I’m going to continue living, will have to stand up
Grab the mic again that I don’t even want to see
Face of a Burberry man, it’s a desert here

Convince myself that it’s okay since no one’s here
Once more walk upon the fire barefoot
To accept it hurts more than a sword
What’s surprising is that the fear that blocked me is gone
No lingering attachment or grief

God, being fickle, gives a greater prize when we lose
The callus from my failure
Whatever the obstacle, hope to overcome easily
This movie of life, a crisis has nothing on me

Enjoy it more, and win brilliantly at the end
That’ll be an enriched and happy life
Suffer a bit more dear life
Then it’ll be a masterpiece

The way the suffering of rejection from my late teens
Fueled focus for my twenties
The suffering from my late twenties
Will foster the golden age of my thirties

Gather valuable failures greater than this suffering
I believe that I’ll decorate the ultimate victory
I’m a creationist but I’m always evolving
Since I have fallen, I now spread my wings

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