JTONG - 이정훈 (cover)


In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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Verse 1)
Sickeningly rotten streets
The air reeking of scraps and mold
A pile of trash stuffed with unscrupulous humans
The buck teeth of major agencies’ corrupt employees

Nothing but earning money, [that is] their order
The life of creators in their hands, they discuss marketability
They act noble and impose contracts
In my eyes, the modern versions of slave ownership contracts

Severe capitalism, society’s mental deficiency
The human right of wanting to be free
The thoughts of cruel money crazies
The genius artist Eugene Park who was crushed by the war of money1)Violinist Eugene Park was abused by his management company

A society where being innocent becomes a sin
One can’t help becoming miserable
A thoughtless obsession with money, that is a kind of a mental illness
The system is going crazy

2)This is read “kal”. As there is no Hanja given, it can’t be said for sure what this means. It could refer to “thirst” (渴) (for money maybe), or to “end”, “erase” (竭) (the system), or to something entirely different.

Verse 2)
The uniformity of the music market
Companies are only aware of the teens’ ears
On stage, there are the same bitches and bastards all over
but that’s where they call the tune and the mass media adjust to that tune

The regression of cultural diversity
The tyranny of major companies that have monopolized the market
World-wide KPop, what a shitload of crap
An unfair distribution of profits that makes me clench my fists tightly

The culture is rotting slowly
A continuous vicious cycle without fundamental countermeasures
A government that only outwardly pretends to be an advanced country
A Ministry of Gender Equality that is abnormal, no matter how I look at it

Not to speak of democracy
Censorship of the Korea Media Rating Board that suppresses freedom of speech
Here is the heaven of vested rights bullies
South Korea, the kingdom of damned rape

A deeply penetrated weariness
A dying mind, black-coated tongues
What artists need first of all:
a policy made on the basis of true communication

There is no way but to fight until the end, together with my brothers
Shit! In the face of this sewer-like world,
surrendering, obeying, compromising – FUCK THAT!
Until I die, I do me

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