Dok2 - We Gotta Know (cover)

Dok2 – We Gotta Know

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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  • Title: We Gotta Know
  • Artist: Dok2
  • Album: We Gotta Know
  • Year: 2014
  • Original lyrics


Verse 1)
I fall asleep being thankful for waking up every morning
The weighing of reality that tests me is a swing to me1)Metaphor; implies that there are ups and downs (→the weighing→movement of a swing) and that he enjoys them like swinging on a swing.
I don’t feel indignation, no matter how hungry I am2)pun; the Korean translation for ‘feel indignation’ is literally ‘eat indignation’, so this sentence is ambiguous and can also mean: I don’t eat indignation, no matter how hungry I am.
Even if a mountain you thought you had climbed gets higher,

you just have to climb again or make another choice
Not knowing something is sometimes a good thing, so it’s okay not to know
Although everybody becomes an adult, not everybody becomes mature
Giving reality and age as excuses, people give up their dreams

I don’t want to see that, I open the eye over my head3)Reference to the third eye in Buddhism; Dok2’s a Buddhist.
Instead of guzzling alcohol from the glass
that is full of negative energy, I choose peaceful travels
Even someone uneducated like me thinks that this is a hundred times better4)Dok2 went to elementary school only.

I don’t have lingering feelings about things that are not mine,
I don’t let yesterday’s sadness come today
And so that I do not suffer from pain that is just an illusion,
I believe in myself, I don’t ever worry

we gotta know
we gon get thru it
we gotta go
don’t hesitate just do it

fuck what they say there is no way
no matter what they say there is a way
fuck what they say there is no way
no matter what they say there is a way

At the young age of twelve
I left home and lived by myself5)Dok2 left his family in Busan and lived on his own in Seoul to make music
Deciding to chase my dreams and not money
I went along first

Although I couldn’t see what was ahead of me,
I was looking even farther
Now, no matter which obstacle is put in front of me,
I don’t get taken aback but I dodge it well

Verse 2)
The invisible future? Nobody can see it
If you can’t see it, just enjoy it that way
[When] absorbed in worries, it’s okay not to worry
There’s no need to hurry, there’s enough time

Going with the flow, you will discover that even today,
that once seemed years away, will become a memory
Welcome the next [hard] time while being thankful for the moment
when you realized that you’ve always been living just fine

Even if joy becomes pain that next time,
do not suffer, know that you can always change things,
no matter what it is
If you take a step back, everything looks small and insignificant

There’s not the least need to be bothered
There’s also no need to waver because of mixed emotions
Just leave already spilled water to evaporate6)In Korean it is ‘spilled water’ and in English ‘spilled milk’ but milk does not evaporate like water, so I did not translate it (because then the sentence would make no sense). They are both liquids anyway, so I suppose the concept is understandable.
Don’t pathetically cling on to the past

It’s cruel but there’s nothing to this world
You get hung up by things you see and give in easily
Reality becomes dirtier, your thoughts can’t help but get more confusing
Forget the preamble, that’s when you’ll feel at ease right away

Let your soul be free, empty your heart, be comfortable
If you stay that way, the world will change on its own
Relax, leave all problems to time
Be sure to cut down on all the worries, just breathe
Just breathe homie


we gotta know
fuck what they say
we gotta go
fuck what they say

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