Crucial Star - A Star From the Basement (album cover)

Crucial Star – What It Takes

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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  • Title: 그릇 (Prod. Kimy Fiesta)
  • Artist: Crucial Star
  • Album: A Star From the Basement
  • Year: 2011
  • Source original lyrics

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Hook x2)
Sometimes I thought about leaving this scene
However, now I know
that in the end, all of this is a test I was given
When it ends, I lose the game


때론 이 바닥을 떠나고 싶다는
생각도 해봤어 허나 이젠 알았어
결국엔 이 모든게 내게 주어진 test
끝내면 지는 game

Verse 1)
The tears have dried out, now my eyes are shaking severely
I’m still hurting this much, like a young child
I am stricter with myself than with anyone else
I must have gotten entangled in regret and lingering feelings

눈물이 말라버린 내 눈가는 마구 떨리네
아직도 마냥 어린애처럼 이렇게 아파
누구보다 내 자신에게 엄격한 나
후회, 미련 이런 것들이 엉켰나봐

I go without the weak me. I put down the heavy burden
I just want to become a leaf that is flown down
The more I watch that mountain top, the deeper
the abyss I am sucked into, uh

나약한 나는 빼고가. 무거운 짐을 내려놔
난 그저 흘려내려가는 낙옆 한 잎 되고파
저 산의 정상을 바라볼수록 난
더 깊은 심연속으로만 빨려들어가 uh

Sometimes, I want to become a musician that nobody knows
As much as I am hungry for music, I am hungry for freedom
I don’t have what it takes
to struggle through this perilous place. In front of the mirror, I look miserable

가끔은 그 아무도 모르는 뮤지션이 되고파
음악에 배고픈만큼 난 자유에도 배고파
이 험난한 곳을 헤쳐나가기엔
내 그릇이 너무 작아. 거울 앞 내 초라한 모습

I wonder what I am so sad about
Squeezing my chest, I forcefully hurl insults at myself
because it is so hard on me. The situation I am in,
and the many people who cruelly trample over me

뭐가 그렇게도 슬픈지
가슴을 쥐어짜며 내게 욕설을 퍼붇지
너무도 야속해서. 내게 놓인 상황들이
또 잔인하게 나를 짓밟는 많은 사람들이

Hook x2)

Verse 2)
Because I get angry at myself for continually committing mistakes
Because even tiny rebukes hurt a lot
Because I know the weak me all too well
The more I am absorbed into worries, the smaller I become

자꾸만 실수하는 내게 화나서
조그만 질타에도 너무 아파서
나약한 나를 너무도 잘 알아서
고민에 빠질수록 나는 점점 작아져

Even though it hurts, even though the tears dry out
I cannot stop. Since this is my one and only dream
Even though a burden heavier than myself is pressing down on me
I have to keep going, shouldering it, while keeping a steady eye on my destination

하지만 아파도 눈물이 말라도
그만둘 수가 없어 이건 나의 하나뿐인 꿈이기에
나보다 무거운 짐이 나를 눌러도
짊어진 채 계속가야해 목적지만을 보면서

It would be like a traveler without travels,
this guy’s, my, life without music
I don’t want to let life pass by meaninglessly
and leave without leaving anything behind

여행이 없는 여행자와 같겠지
음악이 없는 나란놈의 삶
아무런 의미도 없이 흘러가듯 살다가
아무 것도 남기지못한채 가고싶진않아

Yes, that’s right, this is probably a test I was given
Even if it isn’t, this is how I have to see it
All I have to lose in life is music anyway
Even though I don’t have what it takes, I force myself to obtain it

그래 맞아 이건 아마 내게 주어진 test
그게 아니라고해도 그렇게 생각해야돼
어짜피 내 삶엔 잃을게 음악 말곤 없어
그릇이 작음 억지로 구겨서라도 넣어

Hook x2)

Outro x3)
When it ends, I lose the game

끝내면 지는 game ..

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