Crucial Star - Pray (cover)

Crucial Star – Pray

In Translated Lyrics by Lena

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The only thing I can do
is to pray
My voice is too small and weak
to make a big change

I am too ignorant and don’t have the courage
to talk about all of this
I just pray that there is nothing but peace
at the place you left for

Hook x8)
I pray for you

Everybody is fighting. After a while,
each leaves and goes on with their life, forgetting about what is important
I am no different, I am the same as them
Even though I get angry, change is nothing that comes easily

I simply take my pen to write lyrics
and try to use the time I have
at least a bit meaningfully. I pray, close my eyes
and feel that that place is definitely a more beautiful place

If there is a god; before the evil ones pay for their wrongdoings,
please get to the root of the problem to prevent them from even being born
by raising the virtuous voices of those who have power
and pulling out the roots of their hatred

A better world, that is no development, but
a place where watching the news doesn’t make me sad
My imaginations linger there
One day, it will come

Hook x8)

Outro)1)This is Dorian Johnson’s eyewitness account of the Michael Brown shooting; J. Cole used it in his track ‘Be Free’ which is also entirely about the incident.
And as we took off running I ducked and hid for my life,
because I was fearing for my life and I hid behind the first car I saw
My friend, he kept running, and he told me to keep running cause he feared for me too
So as he was running the officer was trying to get out of the car
and once he got out the car he pursued my friend but his weapon was drawn
Now he didn’t see any weapon drawn at him or anything like that, us going for no weapon
His weapon was already drawn when he got out the car
He shot again, and once my friend felt that shot
he turned around and put his hands in the air,
and he started to get down but the officer still approached with his weapon drawn
and he fired seven more shots and my friend died

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