Coke Jazz & Hoody - Blue Horizon (cover)

The Cohort’s Coke Jazz and Hoody form team and release single ‘Blue Horizon’

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The Cohort crew’s producer CokeJazz and female R&B singer-songwriter Hoody have formed the team ‘CokeJazz & Hoody’ and release their first single ‘Blue Horizon’ tomorrow, June 18.

Producer CokeJazz has composed/arranged/featured on songs like Paloalto’s ‘또 봐 (Au Revoir)’ or B-Free’s ‘느껴 (Feel It)’, while Hoody debuted in 2013 with ‘My Ride’ and has since featured on albums by, for example, Kirin or Mayson the Soul. Both CokeJazz and Hoody will continue to release music as a team and as solo artists.

Produced by CokeJazz
Composed by Hoody, CokeJazz
Lyrics by Hoody
Arranged by CokeJazz
Guitar by U-Turn
Mixed & mastered by Lee Chungmoo at ROOTLAB
Cover art by August Frogs


Source: hiphopplaya