Tablo explains the drawing on his hand from ‘YHH Sketchbook’ performance

In News by Andrew

Earlier today, EPIK HIGH member TABLO explained on Twitter the picture on his hand that was spotted during the EPIK HIGH comeback performance on Yoo Hee-yeol Sketchbook (유희열의 스케치북).

On Twitter, he tweeted the following:

“On today’s YHH Sketchbook episode, the picture on my hand is a fish holding a microphone, which was drawn by my daughter Haru. She said, “Daddy, if someone tries to take your microphone away, tell them it’s the fish’s microphone.”

“I’ll never have my microphone taken away.”

Check out the EPIK HIGH performance of ‘SPOILER’ and ‘FLY‘ from YHH Sketchbook below: