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Rejoice! Mnet uploaded the videos of six more candidates’ 2nd round of preliminaries in full-length, so this week we’re additionally throwing light on the lyrics of Double K, Hanhae, Hash Swan, and Olltii!

Note: Only a few artists’ lyrics were selected as there is unfortunately not enough time for all of them. They were chosen from the videos available on Mnet’s official YouTube channel of which some are edited, shortened versions of the performances as seen in the episode and others unedited videos showing complete performances.
The content of this weekly series will change depending on what the show has to offer, e.g. great punchlines will probably come only in the later part of the show during battles or similar tasks.

Double K: The winner of the first season already showed a steady performance in the first round, will he stay consistent in the second?
 His straightforward storytelling lyrics were impossible to resist, do check them out!
Hash Swan: 
The Ambition Musik artist drops an epic punchline that you should. not. miss.
Olltii: The talented freestyler is back on the show and does not fail to blow our minds.

Click on the artist names above to jump to their respective section!

Double K

The dandy Double K, alongside Loco the winner of the very first season, passed this round with ease, no doubt. He raps the first verse off his track ‘Party Animal‘ (2015) and does not forget to promote his album ‘Green Wave‘, which is apparently the main reason for his participation.
The instrumental used here is titled ‘Businessman’ and has been produced by GroovyRoom. They have uploaded it to their SoundCloud, just like Double K uploaded the verse to his. Now on to the lyrics:

I’m Killer K, first of all I pray in front of the Lord
The only thing that can cleanse my sins is the blood of Jesus
In this cruel game surviving means having your purity stolen
Apologizing for what I’m about to do I start the hunt

나 킬러케이 우선 기도해 하나님 앞에
내 죄를 씻는 건 오직 예수의 피 밖에 없어
순결을 뺏고 생존하는 이 잔인한 게임
저지를 일을 빌고 난 사냥을 시작해

At night when most are asleep, my body slowly starts itching
I need to move in order to fill my famished stomach
The menu is your favorite MC, watch me how I murder
Even if all of the minions from his crew come at me, I wrap and eat ’em

대부분 잠든 밤 난 슬슬 몸이 근질 거려
난 움직여야해 허기진 배를 채우려면
메뉴는 너의 favorite mc watch me how i murder
개 크루 똘마니들 다 덤벼도 쌈 싸먹어

This big bro shall explain it for you in more detail, asshole
When I pull he’ll have taken the bait and be making lame attempts [to escape]
That bravado is no use, sashimi cause I like it raw
I debone him instead, starting from the fishy skin

더 디데일 하게 설명해줄게 엉아가 새꺄
내가 끌어올리면 갠 그걸 물고 깔짝대지
객기 부려봤자 회지 cause i like it raw
발라내지 대신 비린 껍데기 부터

No matter how big fish in a fish tank get, how can they become sharks?
Their waters are different, so what’s the use of being in their element?
U think u big time? Don’t mess with my gluttony
If you’re a gorilla I’m godzilla (watch out)

어항 속 물고기 아무리 큰들 어떻게 상어가돼
노는 물이 다른데 물 만나면 뭐해
u think u big time? 건들지마 내 식탐
니가 고릴라면 난 godzilla (watchout)

You keep watering stocks, I’ll ride on the Green Wave
You keep watering stocks, I’ll ride on the Green Wave

너나 물타기 해 난 타고 갈게 Green Wave
너나 물타기 해 난 타고 갈게 Green Wave

As the title suggests the lyrics make use of “animalistic” metaphors to describe a party and Double K’s outstanding rap skills. Notable is the somewhat cannibalistic but popular metaphor of ‘eating’ the other rappers/the beat/the rhymes “raw,” which you can find in the lyrics of many artists (just remember this line from Junoflo’s 2nd preliminary rap: “I slice and finish off, lookin like sushi”), as well as the ‘survival of the fittest’ concept.
Another popular aspect of this verse is its religious beginning. Religious elements are being used regularly, be it among religious rappers like BewhY or Microdot, or non-religous rappers.
However, Double K also makes use of unusual vocabulary, like the mocking “this big brother” (엉아, eong-ah) which is child’s language, or “minions” (똘마니들, ttolmanideul).


Finally Mnet lets us see and hear Hanhae, who already participated in season four. The BrandNew Music artist trumps with a very personal storytelling about his experiences on the show from two years ago:

I remember that time two years ago
When it was too hot for long sleeves and too cold for t-shirts
I got the number 1400 and diligently waited ten hours
While waiting I got some samgyeopsal with Microdot

긴팔을 입기에는 덥고 반팔을 입으면 추웠던
2년 전에 이맘때가 떠올라
1400번대 번호를 받고 열심히 열 시간을 기다렸지
중간에 삼겹살 흡입 with Microdot

Of course he got two additional servings, fried rice, and he downed a cola
I was nervous like __ so I just ate a few pieces
Right, I put down my spoon saying I was full
I wonder how many grams the confidence weighed that I put down at the time?

물론 걔는 플러스 두 그릇 밥 플러스 볶음밥에 콜라 원샷
난 __(처럼) 긴장해서 멏 점 주워 먹다
그래 배부르다며 숟가락 내려놓았지
그때 내려놓은 자신감은 몇 그램일지?

I entered the gym and Loco-hyung walked up to me
Again like a __, I was [rapping] about two tones higher, super hyper
However, my part never aired, I tricked myself
I felt sad but pretended not to, trying to be cool again

체육관에 들어섰고 로꼬 형이 걸어와
__(처럼) 또 두 톤 정도 떠 있는 채 격양
허나 방송에는 통 편집 난 나를 속였지
아쉬웠는데 아닌 척 쿨 병이 도졌지

But I didn’t fool anyone, I got confused by the guys
that suddenly fought with their (traps) the moment the cameras were on
“You just greeted me with a 90-degree bow!”
Yeah that’s what he did, but, but, why are y’all like this?

근데 안 속였지 카메라 돌아가는 순간
(아가리) 파이터 되는 애들 때문에 급 혼란
너 방금까지 나랑 배꼽인사 했잖아
그래 그랬잖아 근데 근데 너네 왜 그래

What is it?
What is it?
Y’all, why are y’all acting this way?

왜 그래
왜 그래
너네 너네 왜 그래

The details, self-reflection, and honesty in these lyrics is truly interesting.
The storytelling is well done, starting off by establishing the time and place, some light fun about food, then Hanhae uses a metaphor to transition to his feelings, frankly stating that he tried to act cool and that he was confused by the two faces the other contestants showed him. The last three lines emphasize this confusion and leave the listeners with a question to think about.

Hash Swan

Hash Swan raps on the beat ‘Swan’ produced by his Holmes Crew mate Shupie. Similarly to Hanhae, the topic of his lyrics is his participation in the show with the main focus on the current season.

Swan, what would this guy earn from appearing on this show again?
Hey, everyone but y’all jealous guys understand the reason why I’m here again
They tremble when I say things like this, so I ask: Who on earth are you?
We’re very basically different, the dream y’all want and dream of is the one I thoughtlessly enjoy

Swan 뭘 얻겠다고 여기 또 왔네
야 내가 또 온 이유는 질투뿐인 니네 빼고 다 공감해
내가 이런 말을 하면 부들 그럼 난 물어봐 그래서 너는 대체 누구
그릇이 달러 너네가 원하고 꾸는 꿈은 생각 없이 내가 즐기는 유흥

Swan, I and my ambition are the rappers’ Bonnie and Clyde
A rapper being cool equals money
So I need to become cooler, because once I ooze with coolness
beautiful noonas won’t even mind my small height

Swan 나와 내 야망은 래퍼들의 Bonnie and Clyde
래퍼가 멋있다면 그건 돈이니까
더 멋있어져야해 멋이 흐르면
예쁜 누나들에게 내 작은 키마저 속이니까

They criticize me, saying that’s little reason [to participate]
[Meanwhile] They’re probably stealing all the words out of my mouth,
writing them down and earning money with them, that’s multi-level marketing, Swan

그거 전부라면 날 비난해
내 입안에 있는 말들은 다 훔쳐가
쓰면 돈을 벌걸 거긴 피라미드 Swan

They say they’re not the least bit envious of my fame
It’s easy to __ those guys, I’ll make your mother jealous instead
My money gets me embroidery from Virgil Abloh on my clothes
They react to me immediately, SNS is dog, I’m Pavlov

내가 유명해진 정도로는 전혀 내가 안 부럽대
걔네들은 __(끼는) 법은 간단해 너 말고 너네 어머니가 부럽게 해
나의 돈은 나의 옷에 자수 놔 from Virgil Abloh
내게 바로 반응해 SNS is dog 난 파블로프

They say that my contract with Illionaire is a miracle
My mom already called my birth a miracle
That means one miracle plus another miracle
So now my existence is too selfish man


내게 일리네어와의 계약은 기적이라 해
엄만 나의 출산부터 이미 기적이라 해
그럼 기적과 기적이 합쳐지니
이제 내 존재는 너무 이기적이야 man

As you might have seen, there is some good stuff in here. First of all, the lyrics make sense as a whole which makes it easy to follow along. He keeps naming things his haters would say and then silences them with good arguments and punchlines. Note how he personifies ‘money’ (“My money gets me embroidery from Virgil Abloh on my clothes”) and throws in a line about his SNS fame, wittily using Pavlov’s dog.
The best punchline comes definitely at the end when he adds one miracle (기적, kijeok) to another, resulting in two (이, i) miracles (기적, kijeok) which reads just like the Korean word for ‘selfish’ (이기적, igijeok). This is a truly epic punchline, and according to the avid Holmes Crew fan T Dein, Hash Swan already used this line in Holmes’ track ‘Don’t Flex‘: 홈즈와 내 만남은 기적 / 기적과 기적이 합쳐지니 이젠 내 존재는 이기적 Holmes and I meeting was a miracle / Adding up two miracles means my existence is selfish now
This time around, he did make much better use of the pun though as the two miracles are a negative one defined by his haters and a positive one by his mother aka “my existence itself is a miracle.” With this punchline he knocks out the haters’ comment in his favor.


In comes battle veteran Olltii of ADV who is well-known for his skilled techniques. His lyrics are taken from the track ‘Compound #6: 2VSX (Feat. Reflow, Xitsuh, Olltii)’ off JJK‘s ‘PROJECT COMPOUND‘ EP (2015).

Man, we don’t follow boring success
The places we ran to as an expression of JJKing’s greatness:
The nationwide SRS, street cyphers, stages
Our movement is a newer thang than Redfoo

Man, we don’t follow 뻔한 성공.
JJKing 위엄빨로 뛰어나선 곳.
SRS 전국순회, 길거리 싸이퍼, 무대.
우리의 움직임은 Redfoo보다 더 new thang.

iiVSX!!, mo’f*cker
Like pictures of asses y’all are fake ass mo’f*ckers
Yeah, try hard mo’f*cker or cuss at me
You can try hard all you want, you know you can’t f*ck with my street

iiVSX!!, mo’f*cker.
너넨 엉뽕처럼 fake ass mo’f*cker.
그래 애써 mo’f*cker. 아님 욕하든지.
백날 노력해도 you know you can’t f*ck with my street.

I endured it screaming and I remember all the persecution I suffered
I’ve become as big as the well-off assholes, and the flag that will be put up on that grave
I’m no longer standing still. My crew is loaded and ready
Yes, push in! Hammer it into their heads so they won’t forget our name

악 써가면서 버텼고 전부 기억해 받은 핍박.
잘난 새끼들만큼 컸고 그 무덤에 박을 깃발.
멈춰있던 때는 이제 끝. 장전 준비됐지, 내 크루.
그래, 들이밀어. 걔내들의 머리위로 박아. 우리들의 이름 못잊게끔.

Let’s [go] back to the basic[s], I do things my way. I battle against the scene
I approach the greasy ears of stuffed rappers with the swag of JJK and attack-tack-tack them with rap
The fake-ass show-off kiddies: BANG. Most of them surrender, holding a white flag
Have respect for ADV now. Ya say, “yayyayyay”

Let’s back to the basic 내 식대로해. 씬을 상대로 배틀을 해.
배부른 래퍼들, 기름낀 귀에 JJK 간지로다가 Rap Attack-tack-tack-.
떽떽대는 애새끼들같은 fake들은 BANG. 백이면 백, 백기든 채로 항복해.
이젠 갖춰 ADV에게 예의. Ya say, ‘yayyayyay’

This verse is really intense, especially its second half, and it is one of the favorites of Olltii’s die-hard fans. It is audible how he plays with sounds, be it consonants, vowels, or whole syllables. Reallly cool is the jumbling he does with ‘badeun pibbak’ (받은 핍박) and ‘bageul kibbal’ (박을 깃발). Try pronouncing these two and you’ll realize how hard this verse is, especially at the tempo Olltii is at. Yet his pronunciation is not off and his delivery stays on point.
That said, let’s listen to this once more!

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