YunB - Runaway, Pt. 2 (album cover)

YunB releases digital single and MV ‘Runaway, Pt. 2 (Feat. Ugly Duck)’

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Newcomer YunB of Hi-Lite Records releases the second part of his ‘Runaway‘ project on October 14.

YunB not only produced the track himself but also personally participated in the making of the sensuous music video. In order to reform the currently static sound of the Korean hiphop scene, the music he created escapes those stiff boundaries with a liberal composition and a diverse arrangement, presenting a new type of hiphop music.
In contrast to the bouncy rhythm and atmosphere of the track, the content of YunB’s first verse is critical and self-mocking. Then, featured artist Ugly Duck appears like the scene stealer in a movie and instantly changes the mood with fancy rapping. Soon, dreamy vocals can be heard and the music gradually slows down. Here, YunB’s rap sounds like an actor’s monologue that expresses a mixture of feelings.
‘Runaway, Pt. 2’ with its multifaceted sound also comes with a unique music video depicting the song’s meaningful lyrics, but just listening to the music is like watching a short film.

Find out how YunB’s ‘Runaway, Pt. 2’ ends, which is about the changing feelings and inner side of a troubled person.

‘Runaway, Pt. 2’ on iTunes

Lyrics by YunB, Ugly Duck
Composed and arranged by YunB
Produced by YunB
Cover designed by Sambypen
Music video directed by Invidious

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Source: Mnet