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Young Lion releases ‘Life Changes’ EP and MV

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Rapper Young Lion has released a new EP album titled ‘Life Changes’ today, along with the music video for the album’s track ‘The One’.

He writes:

Hello, this is Young Lion.

In the constantly flowing time and this busily moving world, all of our lives are bound to change. Some people adjust their pace to that and move together with the world, others get tired while doing so and give up or create their own world and hide.

‘Life Changes’ is a brief EP about my life’s changes in the last few months and the change of my mind which took place during that time. While going to college and making music, my life has really changed a lot; the goals and values I had in life changed. During that process, I lost a lot but also gained a lot, and looking back, it was a year like a watercolor palette, a mix of happy and sad incidents. Through this album, I just wish to share the feelings of Lee Hojae,1)Young Lion’s real name even if only a little.

One afternoon in very early 2016,
Young Lion a.k.a. C혼


Tracklist and credits:
1. The One
Written by Young Lion
Produced by Whenya9
Arranged by Whenya9

2. S.A.A.B. (’98)
Written by Young Lion
Produced by Jeep’s
Arranged by Jeep’s

3. Life Changes
Written by Young Lion
Additional vocals by Crucial Star
Produced by Yosi
Arranged by Yosi

4. New Life (Feat. Donutman)
Written by Young Lion, Donutman
Produced by Long Drive
Arranged by Long Drive
Guitar by Go Gwanghyun



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