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Wiki Young releases tracklist for new album and MV

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Check out Wiki Young’s music video ‘Bing Bing’ and the tracklist for his upcoming album ‘Chill With Me (Gold Race)’ that features artists like Don Mills and Incredivle!

Album title: Chill With Me (Gold Race)
All tracks produced by Gaka

1. 술취한서울 [Drunken Seoul] (feat. ODB)
2. Snapchat (feat. Young West)
3. Gaka (feat. Gaka)
4. 21
5. Going Going (feat. Incredivle)
6. Love or Die (feat. Don Mills)
7. Skit (생각 많이한 서정재) [Seo Jungjae1)Wiki Young’s real name has thought a lot].
8. 빙빙 (Bing Bing)
9. 두둥실 Life [Floating Life] (feat. Dbo)
10. 속아넘어가지 [Falling For It].


MV Credits:
Produced by Gaka
Shot by Baek Jaehoon (백재훈)
Edited by Gwangwook (광욱)



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