WEKEYZ - Want Me Girl (Feat. Kirin, Hoody) cover

WEKEYZ release single ‘Want Me Girl (Feat. KIRIN, Hoody)’

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Producer team WEKEYZ of new jack swing musician KIRIN’s label 8Ball Town have released their first single ‘Want Me Girl’.

The track with its nineties R&B vibe features KIRIN’s bland vocals and his special humorous rap, as well as Hoody who has been receiving attention these days for her unique voice.

Produced by WEKEYZ, KIRIN
Lyrics by KIRIN
Arranged by WEKEYZ
Keyboard by Jung Mo-se (정모세)
Bass by Kim Yoonwoo (김윤우)
Drums by Kim Yoonwoo (김윤우)
Saxophone by Jason Lee (제이슨리)
Scratch by Voidrover
Recorded by BUGGY @ VMC Studio
Mixing & Mastering by Najam_soo (나잠_수) at 쑥고개III Studio
Artwork by 605



Source: ROKHipHop