Honey Family BeeHive Project Vol. 4 (album cover)

Vol. 4 of Honey Family BeeHive Project with Garion and NiiHWA released

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JuRa has released the fourth part of her Honey Family BeeHive Project, titled ‘Bang‘.

It is an addictive track that you won’t get out of your mind easily once you listen to it. It features hiphop legends Garion, singer and rapper NiiHWA, MC Changjin (for the hook), and talented rapper 11호.

Vol. 1 ‘No Dap’, Vol. 2 ‘Propolis’, and Vol. 3 ‘Climax’ are all available on iTunes.

Lyrics by JuRa, Garion, 11호
Composed and arranged by JuRa

Source: Mnet