VegaFlow - That's Why (cover)

VegaFlow releases debut single ‘That’s Why’

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After a long wait, VegaFlow, the winner of Dynamic Duo’s 2008 rap competition, releases his official debut single ‘That’s Why’.

The song unites an emotional piano melody with an electric guitar sound, which meet VegaFlow’s especially deep voice. This creates a manly and solemn atmosphere. Scary’P, member of High Flies which is one of South Korea’s top producing teams, and Romantic Cutz composed the song together, while Looie Beat of PERM8’s delicate arrangement perfected it.

VegaFlow has announced that this single will be the start of continuous releases of songs which he has been working on for years. Look forward to it!

Produced by VegaFlow
Lyrics & rap by VegaFlow
Composed by Scary’P & Romantic Cutz
Arranged by Looie Beat
Mixed & mastered by Looie Beat @ Looie Studio
Recording engineer: Slo’G @ HARP N LUTE Studio
Photo & artwork designed by VegaFlow
Teaser video directed by VegaFlow
Teaser video edited by Lee Jinhan
Calligraphy by Go Nakgyung & Go Jihyung



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Source: ROKHipHop