TINAMINA releases debut single EP ‘JELLO’

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Meet TINAMINA, the brainchild of Sony/ ATV writer Justine Mina Ok, whose larger than life singer/rapper persona has come into her own with latest single “Jello.” The behind the scenes New York based Korean-American songwriter has proven herself to be a seasoned poptress attested to by her growing list of Billboard top ten songs and movie placements in South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Portugal. However, Ok the songwriter has now taken a backseat to her alter ego, TINAMINA, with plans to take over the United States music industry and beyond. 

Supported by her dedicated Fiera Music team including Content Producer and A&R Kayla J.Yoo (Music Columnist at Korean #1 Ranking Hip-Hop Magazine HiphopLE)and several other Korean female creatives (as featured in the Korea TImes NY article) such as graphic designers Jieun Hong and Eunice Choi; musicians Jungeun Kwon, June Ahn, Yejin Kim, Ceylan Morgan, and fashion stylist Sophia J. Choi; TINAMINA has already attracted endorsements by fashion sunglass company Jimmy Swagg, fashion leather goods and accessories label Bruce Glen, and celebrity hairstylist Joey Oso (NBC, Dancing with the Stars, L’Oreal, Kim Kardashian Collection etc).

The story behind TINA MINA‘s music is intriguing as it is complex. It’s the story of a vindicated good girl gone bad. She initially followed her conservative parent’s strict doctrine for academic success, before she rebelled and enrolled in Berklee College of Music. After graduating, she moved to New York City with only a dream and a suitcase and hustled her way to signing a publishing deal with Sony/ATV. Several hit smashes later, Ok is finally ready to get personal and unleash TINAMINA onto listeners bringing them on a satirical, fun and refreshingly honest journey through the farthest reaches of her mind. “I’m diverse and unexpected,” TINAMINA says, “People are always surprised because no one ever expects this music to come from me.”

Booty movin’ feel good twerk music is the best way to describe TINAMINA‘s outrageously infectious single “Jello,” the pop/dance party anthem of 2015. This breakout debut single is a bold introduction to TINAMINA, and it has all of the key ingredients for major success. With a killer hook, an unlikely rap diva, and a sassy music video chock full of duck-faced women and oversized rears, this song is destined to have more international success than the departures board at JFK.

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