Speaking Trumpet - Remix Pack Vol. 2: The Bad Motherfuckerz cover

Speaking Trumpet release ‘Remix Pack Vol. 2’

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Speaking Trumpet, a crew comprised of SouldiveBorn Kim, Kangsan (강산여울), MinosKebeeRhyme-A-Suda, and Huckleberry P, recently released the second volume of Remix Track.

The tracks from this album is remixed by Speaking Trumpet member Boyrock (formerly known as 진취).  For more information about the free tracks, visit Boyrock Soundcloud

Track List

  1. NoiseMob – I Don’t Like It
  2. Born Kim – 개소리 2
  3. Eluphant (Feat. Rhyme A) – 짧은 손가락
  4. Get Backers (Feat.넋업샨) – 금의 지옥


Boyrock | Soundcloud (http://Soundcloud.com/theboyrock)
Boyrock | Twitter (http://Twitter.com/jinthefx)
Boyrock | Facebook (http://facebook.com/jinthefx)

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