SongRapper - Cheers for Good Life (cover)

SongRapper releases new single album ‘Cheers for Good Life’

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SongRapper, who has clearly gained the favors of hiphop fans in Show Me The Money Season 1, has released a new single album titled ‘Cheers for Good Life’.

Last year, he formed the project team ‘COOLKIDS’ together with KizK, released an EP album and performed at various concerts, showing a more mature side of himself. For this single album, he has invested a lot of time and thought to find his very own musical color. Newcoming producer ‘Anco’ worked with him on the album’s two tracks.

The as of now unfamiliar producer of the name ‘Anco’ is a twenty-year-old musician with endless possibilities. He produced both tracks of the album, providing SongRapper with perfectly fitting music.

The first track ‘Good Life’ features female singer Satbyeol and in its lyrics, SongRapper talks about his current position and all his future plans, including the strong will of a young man in his early twenties. The second track, which is the title track, ‘한잔해’ [Let’s Have a Drink] features talented vocalist Na Kyungwon of G Urban, who has gained attention for featuring on MC Sniper’s ‘사랑비극 (Shakespeare in Love) Part. 2′. The song talks about these days’ average young Koreans in their early twenties who go out for drinks.

The album’s lyrics include SongRapper’s very own and honest stories. He talks about his worries and finding solutions to those worries as SongRapper and as normal twenty-something-year-old Song Seungmin.


1. Good Life (feat. Satbyeol)
Lyrics: SongRapper
Composition: ANCO, Satbyeol
Arrangement: ANCO
Recorded by RoyC. @ Snipersound
Mixing engineer: Soriheda
Mastering engineer: Soriheda

2. 한잔해 [Let’s Have a Drink] (feat. Na Kyungwon of G Urban)
Lyrics: SongRapper
Composition: ANCO, SongRapper, Na Kyungwon
Arrangement: ANCO
Recoded by RoyC. @ Snipersound
Mixing engineer: Soriheda
Mastering engineer: Soriheda


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