YDG - Give It To Me (Feat. Dok2, The Quiett) cover

YDG releases single ‘Give It To Me (feat. Dok2, The Quiett)’

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Earlier today, YDG released his single ‘GIVE IT TO ME’ featuring Dok2 and The Quiett.

In this single, YDG, Dok2 and The Quiett raps about cars not as a bragging right, but as a message of success and hope for the future. YDG plans to release his second full album in February 2013.

Check out the single below:

YDG – ‘GIVE IT TO ME’ (Feat. DOK2, The Quiett)
Lyrics by YDG, DOK2, The Quiett
Composed and arranged by Peejay

Recorded and mixed by 박종범 at TD Sound
Mastered by 전훈 at Sonic Korea
Produced by Smokie J

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