SEI - LOVIN (album cover)

Singer-songwriter SEI releases single and MV ‘LOVIN’

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DJ SEI of House Rulez has released the R&B/hiphop single and music video ‘LOVIN’ today.

LOVIN‘ is an R&B/hiphop track with pop/neo soul sounds. It tells of a man who goes travelling after a breakup in order to forget and then meets someone new but does not want to go through the same pain again. The music video stars Instagram star Seoyeon Park.

SEI has recently been active outside of Korea, for example participating in the KPOP MUSICFESTIVAL in Vietnam as the main DJ, and he is currently working with top producers in the US.

‘LOVIN’ on iTunes

Mixed by 강상욱 (Sangwook Kang)
Mastered by SoundMax Mastering Solutions
Photo & Artwork: SEI
Album Model: Seoyeon Park

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Source: Mnet