Sapo - Himalaya (cover)

Sapo releases single ‘Himalaya’

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Sapo, who released strong music like ‘적자생존’ [Survival of the Fittest], ‘초전박살’ [K.O. Before the Fight Starts], ‘머리바짝깎아’ [Clean-Shaven Head], has released the strongest and manliest track ‘Himalaya’.

Sapo received the inspiration for the song from his 태도 [Taedo] crewmember 갈대 [Kaldae], who had been to the Himalaya. The song contains that spirit and vigor, and in the third verse, Sapo reveals the state of the Korean hiphop scene that he has observed for several years.

Charlie Choi and Lukydo who have been working with Sapo for songs like ‘반격’ [Counterattack], ‘적자생존’ [Survival of the Fittest] and ‘SAPO PENSEE’, have contributed to the single this time around again. Sapo, who has released a full-length album in 2015 and keeps releasing a single every month, plans to show the fans even more music with energy and attitude.

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Produced by Lukydo
Artwork by Charlie Choi

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