Peejay - Out of My Mind cover

PEEJAY releases latest single “OUT OF MY MIND”

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WALKIN’ RECORDS producer PEEJAY dropped his latest single ‘OUT OF MY MIND (OOMM)‘ featuring G2 and Keith Ape.

The track  ‘OUT OF MY MIND (OOMM)’ features The Cohort members G2 and Keith Ape. Check out the track below:




Executive Producer PEEJAY From Walkin’ Records
Produced by PEEJAY
Composer & Arrangement by PEEJAY
Lyrics by G2 & KEITH APE
All Instrument Session by PEEJAY
Scratch by DJ NOAH
Mixed by PEEJAY
Mastered by 박경선 @BOOSTKNOB
Cover Artwork Junjune by IAB
Promotion Marketing by Human Nature Studio

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