P-Type - Street Poetry (cover)

P-Type releases album ‘Street Poetry’

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Along with the title track’s music video, P-Type’s fourth full-length album ‘Street Poetry’ has been released on online music portals and will be available on CD starting March 23.

Here is the tracklist:

01. 폭력적인 잡종문화 [Violent Hybrid-Culture].
02. Do The Right Rap (Feat. Huckleberry P)
03. Timberland 6″ (Feat. NUCK Of souldive)
04. 네안데르탈 [Neanderthal] (Feat. Minos, Justhis)
05. 광화문 [Gwanghwamun] (Feat. C-Luv)
06. 돈키호테2 [Don Quixote 2] (Feat. The Barbarettes)
07. 이방인 [Stranger] (Feat. Chaboom) *
08. 반환점 [Halfway Point].
09. 최악의 남자 [The Worst Man Ever].
10. Vice Versa (Feat. Jeongah Sunwoo)
11. 광화문 [Gwanghwamun] (Inst.) *
12. 돈키호테2 [Don Quixote 2] (Inst.) *
13. 반환점 [Halfway Point] (Inst.) *

*CD only

You can find the album on iTunes. Also check out the music video of the album’s title track ‘Don Quixote 2’ featuring The Barbarettes!

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