Overclass - Collage 4 (album cover)

Overclass release ‘Collage 4’ LP

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Overclass Crew have released their fourth full-length album ‘Collage 4’ in celebration of their ten-year anniversary.

Overclass Crew currently counts fifteen members who are rappers, singers, producers, and more. Check out this post if you’d like to know more about this extraordinary crew.

Collage 4‘ is the fourth part of their Collage series which started in 2008, and the album cover shows a bad-ass, upgraded version of their mascot in a fancy convertible. The limited edition of the album includes badges, stickers, more illustrations of their mascots, rhyme notes and of course the booklet and CD and it has already been sold out.
The album holds thirteen tracks and features all members of the crew. There are featurings by Giant Pink, Lil Boi, Dayoung Kim, BELLE, and Ja Mezz. The pre-released ‘Royalty‘ was produced by Havoc of Mobb Deep. A 14th track titled ‘확신해‘ (lit.: I’m confident) could not be included in the album due to copyright issues and was just uploaded to Nodo’s SoundCloud channel where you can listen to it for free.

Track List & Credits:
  1. Soul Funky Brothers (Prod. by 김수준)
    Lyrics written by Soojoon Kim (김수준), K Jun, San E
    Composed by Soojoon Kim, K Jun
    Arranged by Soojoon Kim, Joon-gyoo Lee
  2. 10 (Prod. by K JUN)
    Lyrics written by Nodo, Verbal Jint, K Jun, b-soap, San E, RIMI
    Composed by K Jun
    Arranged by K Jun, Binna Yeo (여빛나)
  3. 우유부단 (Prod. by K JUN) TITLE
    Lyrics written by K Jun, San E
    Composed by K Jun, Binna Yeo
    Arranged by K Jun
  4. 내가 (Prod. by K JUN) (Feat. GIANT PINK)
    Lyrics written by K Jun, San E, GIANT PINK
    Composed by K Jun
    Arranged by K Jun, Jaejoon Han (takey)
  5. Good Night (Prod. by CRYBABY)
    Lyrics written by Crybaby, Swings
    Composed and arranged by Crybaby
  6. Lazyday (Prod. by Kricc) (Feat. Lil Boi, 김다영)
    Lyrics written by Verbal Jint, b-soap, Lil Boi, Kricc
    Composed and arranged by Kricc
  7. FLASH BACK (Prod. by XEPY) (Feat. BELLE)
    Lyrics written by Belle
    Composed and arranged by Xepy
  8. Marina (Prod. by Delly Boi)
    Composed and arranged by Delly Boi
  9. 코레아나 (Prod. by LOBOTOME) (Feat. Ja Mezz)
    Lyrics written by RIMI, San E, b-soap, Ja Mezz
    Composed and arranged by LOBOTOME
  10. 아구리를 멕여 (Prod. by 남수림, LOBOTOME) (Feat. youngcook)
    Lyrics written by RIMI, Prof. D
    Composed and arranged by RIMI, LOBOTOME
  11. 아멘 (Prod. by Grene Man)
    Lyrics written by RIMI
    Composed and arranged by Grene Man
  12. Royalty (Prod. by Havoc of Mobb Deep)
    Lyrics written by Swings, San E, Nodo, b-soap, Verbal Jint
    Composed and arranged by Havoc, Nodo
  13. 4AM (Prod. by LOBOTOME)
    Lyrics written by Swings, Verbal Jint, b-soap
    Composed by LOBOTOME, Verbal Jint
    Arranged by LOBOTOME

Album cover by Jiwon Han

You can preview the album on Korean music portals, for example Mnet. Simply click on the ‘전체듣기’ (listen to all) button on the left above the track list and wait for the one-minute previews to play (they open in a pop-up window, ignore the message that pops up inside).
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Source: Mnet

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