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Oneway return after 2 years with single ‘Vibes’

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Oneway are finally back with the brand new single ‘Vibes‘.

As part of the producing team ‘Team One Sound’, Peter and Young Sky have expanded their musicianship by working with many artists, but they feel the happiest making music as Oneway, which is why they are back to concentrate on their roles as performing artists.
The duo’s new single ‘Vibes’ sweetly expresses the feelings of one’s beloved through a soft, bluesy guitar tune and lyrics and is perfect for a chilly fall day when you’re in need of some warmth – or play it when you’re having a Netflix and chill night, as Peter suggests.
He also writes: “With the freedom of being independent with no strings attached, the new single ‘Vibes’ is only a fresh start for Oneway. Peter & Young Sky would like to thank everyone for the endless support and promise to bring new music consistently with the production of Team One Sound.”

The single is going to be available on iTunes soon.


Lyrics by Peter, Young Sky
Composed and arranged by Team One Sound
Cover design by C.Bravo


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