Nucksal - Skill Skill Skill (cover)

Nucksal pre-releases single and MV ‘Skill Skill Skill (Feat. DJ Wegun)’ off upcoming full-length album ‘The God of Small Things’

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VMC’s Nucksal has pre-released the track ‘Skill Skill Skill (Feat. DJ Wegun)’ off his upcoming first full-length album ‘작은 것들의 신’ [The God of Small Things].

The single is available on iTunes.

It features AOMG’s DJ Wegun with a scratch session, was produced by MGFC (Jun Beck & Deepfry) who were also responsible for Dynamic Duo’s ‘옥상에서’ [On the Rooftop] and ‘도돌이표’ [Repeat Sign], and the artwork was made by VMC’s Row Digga.

The music video for ‘Skill Skill Skill’ has been released as well (see below). Nucksal’s first full-length album ‘작은 것들의 신’ [God of Small Things] is set for release in January 2016.


Produced by MGFC (Jun Beck & Deepfry)
Lyrics by Nucksal
Arranged by MGFC (Jun Beck & Deepfry)
Mixed & mastered by Najam Soo @ 쑥고개 [Ssug-gogae] III Studio
Directed by Deepflow
Bass by Jun Beck
Guitar by Lee Shimoon
Drum by Deepfry
DJ Scratch by DJ Wegun
MV directed by Madscene
Calligraphy by 1901 Studio
Artwork by Row Digga



Source: ROKHipHop