Dynamic Duo - Digilog 2/2 tracklist

Dynamic Duo reveal tracklist of 6th album ‘Digilog 2/2’

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Earlier today, Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko (@gaekogeem) tweeted a photo revealing the track list for their upcoming album ‘Digilog 2/2‘.  Gaeko’s photo indicates many artists to be featured on the new album, including Yankie, Simon D, UV, and an unnamed artist.  Check out the track list below:

Track List*

1. 확가게 (go hard)
2. 제끼자 (feat. Yankee)
3. 거기서거기/Stop Right There
4. 호구와트 (low down30)
5. 오해/Misunderstanding (Feat. Simon D, ? )
6. NamSan Woman (Feat. UV)
7. 참고살아/Move On (primary)
8. (Soulscape)
9. Outro

*Bolded tracks were translated according to my interpretation and may not be completely accurate.

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