album covers of Hwaji - Narcissist, nafla - Sun Up, Changmo - 내꺼 (Mine)

New tracks by Hwaji, nafla, Changmo

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While Hwaji has pre-released another song off his upcoming full-length album ‘ZISSOU’, nafla and Changmo have each dropped a track on SoundCloud. Read on to give them a listen!

Hwaji – 나르시시스트 (Narcissist)

After ‘상아탑 (Ivory Towers)’, Hwaji has released the track ‘나르시시스트 (Narcissist)’ off his upcoming 2nd full-length album ‘ZISSOU’. It is the album’s tenth track and allows you thoroughly enjoy Hwaji’s rap skills. Just like the other tracks, this one was produced by Young Soul.

Produced by Young Soul of Radiostarr
Written & performed by Hwaji of Radiostarr
Mixed by Jay Cry (IPT), Young Soul (Radiostarr)
Executive producer: Inplanet Music

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nafla – Sun Up

Click here for the translation of this song’s lyrics.

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Changmo – 내꺼 (Mine)

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