Speaking Trumpet - Passport / D.Action - 씻김굿 album covers

New MVs by Speaking Trumpet and D.Action

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Watch the music videos of Speaking Trumpet’s ‘Passport’ and D.Action’s ‘압박해 [Under Pressure] (Feat. Chaboom)’ .

MV credits:
Director: John Darling (TokyoCityLights)
Director of photography: Yuki Suematsu
Camera assistant: Kazuto Igarashi
Production assistant: Kenta Matsuhira

Song credits:
Executively produced by Speaking Trumpet
Produced by DJ JUICE
Lyrics by RHYME-A-, Nuck, Zito, Huckleberry P, Kebee, Kangsanyeoul, Minos, BORN KIM, Suda & D.Theo
Arranged by DJ JUICE
Cuts by DJ JUICE
Talk box played by Boyrock
Mixed by R-EST
Mastered by Hwang Hongchul @ MIDWAY STUDIO
Additional vocal by Yoshida Mami
Japanese lyrics translated by Yoshida Mami


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‘압박해 [Under Pressure] (Feat. Chaboom)’ is the first music video off D.Action’s latest mixtape ‘씻김굿’ [Ssitgimgut]. It was directed by AR Film.

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Source: hiphopplaya