myunDo - 야망의 냄새 (album cover)

myunDo releases digital single ‘Sniffin My Ambition’

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myunDo has released his debut single ‘야망의 냄새‘ today.

myunDo has made the SMTM5 producers and everyone else dab along, becoming the first rapper to be asked for an encore stage on Show Me The Money.
In ‘Sniffin My Ambition’, he says that dab is a move that smells of the ambitious blood flowing in his veins, and he expresses his pride about his ambitions. The track was produced by producer Make 4 Play whose beat underlines myunDo’s low voice and his trademark laid-back and groovy flow.


Composed and arranged by Make 4 Play
Lyrics by myunDo
Mixed and mastered by R-EST @ SoundWave

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Source: Mnet