MFBTY - Bucku Bucku MV screenshot

MFBTY release MV for ‘Bucku Bucku’ with EE, Rap Monster, and Dino-J

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Earlier today, the MV for MFBTY’s ‘Shy Shy’ with EE, Rap Monster, and Dino-J was revealed!

Before the official release, a preview of MFBTY’s [WONDALAND] has been made available by the release of the MV of their song: ‘Bucku Bucku’, which loosely translates to ‘Shy Shy’ in English. The song features electronica duo EE, Rap Monster of Bangtan Boys, and Dino-J.

Check out the charismatic MV below:

[WONDALAND] will be dropped on March 19, 2015.


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