Paperlogy - Pluto (cover)

Kim Park Chella and Analog Sonyeon release single and MV ‘Pluto’ as project team ‘Paperlogy’

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Kim Park Chella and Analog Sonyeon’s project team Paperlogy (종이학) have finally released a new single, titled ‘Pluto’ (명왕성).

These two Caravan Union artists have formed Paperlogy last year in January and released the single ‘대설주의보’ (Heavy Snow Warning) for which they received good reviews.

Their second single ‘Pluto’ (명왕성) uses the ex-planet as metaphor for “his world turns around her”, and expresses a variety of emotions with the help of its charming lyrics. The song has an impressive sound that combines catchy rap with vocals and a dreamy guitar sound. It was mixed and mastered by Caravan Union’s soriheda, the cover artwork with its optical illusion was designed by their artist Jinwang. The music video shows off Cocky’s distinctive directing.

Executively produced by Caravan Union Paperlogy (종이학)
Produced by Kim Park Chella
Co-produced by Analog Sonyeon
Composed and arranged by Kim Park Chella
Lyrics by Analog Sonyeon, Kim Park Chella
Vocals by Analog Sonyeon, Kim Park Chella
Electric guitar, bass, keys and all drums played by Kim Park Chella
Music programmed by Kim Park Chella
Recorded by Park Jungjoo @ Studio OM
Mixed and mastered by soriheda @ AFM lab
Artwork by Jinwang
Video by Cocky

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