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Keebomb releases tracklist and preview for EP ‘Bell Boy’

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Rapper Keebomb who was once a bell boy has returned with the EP ‘Bell Boy’, an album everyone should be looking out for.

Six years ago, he got a job at a hotel and came to Seoul from Kangwon-do despite his parents’ worries and objection. With only 150,000 won he wandered from friends’ houses to the streets without giving up on his dream. For one year he worked as a bell boy at a hotel and saved money without anyone helping him financially. In the EP’s eight tracks he talks honestly about his dream, about the things he went through with 23, 24 years of age and about his current life.
In track seven, ‘Bell Boy’, he remembers his life as a bell boy from six years ago.

The title track ‘따라가’ [Follow Me] features the hottest rapper in the Korean underground at the moment, Owen Ovadoz, who joins Keebomb to talk sincerely about their road to their dreams and goals. Compared to Keebomb’s earlier work, this EP is put together better and his rap has improved. The featurings prevent you from getting tired of it and are artists who represent Korean hiphop, like DJ SKIP from the Bulhandang Crew or newcomers ODB.

The EP also features singer-songwriter Joe Rhee from Keebomb’s crew ‘Worxx’ who has worked with San E, ODB, and Keebomb himself before. Joe Rhee helped with composing, arranging and featuring, raising expectations for the album. All eight tracks were produced by the head of Worxx Crew, producer 24.

Let’s prick our ears to the story of ‘bell boy’ Keebomb, who has experienced a lot of ups and downs despite his young age, let’s hear about his dreams when he was young, and how he is still working hard to make them come true.


01. 따라가 [Follow Me] (Feat. Owen Ovadoz)
02. 애매해 [Ambiguous].
03. 구역A [Area A] (Feat. DJ SKIP)
04. 구역B [Area B] (Feat. Debi)
05. TA OR LA (타올라) [Blaze].
06. Moment (Feat. Joe Rhee)
07. Bell Boy (23.24 years old)
08. I Know


Introduction of title track ‘따라가’ [Follow Me] (Feat. Owen Ovadoz)
The same as others … No! We’re doing our thing … that is the right answer. This is the phrase that explains the first and title track of Keebomb’s EP ‘Bell Boy’. There are a lot of people who live their life without knowing what they like.

The song delivers a hopeful message that you should not feel uneasy because you do not know what is going to happen in your life, but to keep doing what you like, to give your best doing it, and then a good opportunity will surely arise and you will live an enjoyful life.

Nobody should be afraid of the past, but be excited for and look forward to the upcoming future. Then you will be able to relate to this song a lot. Let’s all listen with attention to Keebomb who says that following your dream is the right answer and the happiest work.




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