Junggigo - Hey Bae (album cover)

Junggigo releases single and MV ‘Hey Bae (Feat. Paloalto)’

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Junggigo has just released the groovy neo soul track ‘Hey Bae‘ which features Paloalto of Hi-Lite Records.

In order to make a song he can enjoy together with his fans, Junggigo sat together with producing team Gusta&JB for a long time. They result, ‘Hey Bae’, captivates with Junggigo’s typical sexy-sweet and rhythmical voice to which a choir was added, sung by a talented group from Nashville. Digital sounds were avoided as much as possible, and the sound of actual instruments further increases the track’s quality.
According to the single’s cover the track is a pre-release of an upcoming album fans can look forward to!


Lyrics by Junggigo, Paloalto
Composed and arranged by GUSTA&JB
MV directed by Lafic

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Source: Mnet