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J;KEY releases EP album ‘SOBER TRIP’

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J;KEY has released his EP album ‘SOBER TRIP’ yesterday, which is about his sober self in the months February to June 2015.
While his previous mixtape ‘#IMDOINME’ or his digital singles ‘SALUTE’ and ‘SEASONing #12’ were inspired by J;KEY’s thoughts or things in his room, this album ‘SOBER TRIP’ was furthermore inspired by things outside of J;KEY’s place, to be exact, by things in his neighborhood Donong-dong. As a singer-songwriter, he tried something new and used songs with sounds from other producers as well as included featurings by several singers.

‘SOBER TRIP’ is about the realistic worries and problems of an independant 24-year-old musician, from trivial stories of his neighborhood to his unsociable, constrained and lonely personality. It also tells of his not-so-common girl problems, his consciousness and characteristics, and it contains songs of consolation. In every song, you can feel the artist’s thoughts as they are.

“The hiphop genre has been superficially mentioned in the media quite often, a lot of problems are arising at this point in time. In this scene that has become even noisier and easier to exploit lately, this album will become an album like ‘The Flower Blooming in the Mud’ [진흙 속에서 피는 꽃] and show you real [hiphop].”

01. 24th Avenue
02. 사각지대 [Blind Spot].
04. 백일몽 [Daydream] (Feat. Dayoung)
05. Snorkelin’ (Feat. Rakon)
06. Mister Sober
07. Dot (Feat. Lee Hyemin)

Executively produced by J;KEY
Recorded, mixed & mastered by J;KEY
Artwork & CD designed by Oh Seonha


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