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Iron’s first album ‘ROCK BOTTOM’ is out

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Iron‘s first full-length album ‘ROCK BOTTOM‘ has been released today along with the title track’s music video.

The album was released online throughout Korean music portals (iTunes link will be updated once available), and the CD can be ordered as well (on sites like YesAsia).
“After hitting rock bottom, all Iron did was write music like a hiphop monk, and the result of that work is this album.
The interlude and the skits in which you can hear more personal content are only available on CD.”

Before the album release, Iron had written a long text in which he reflected upon his previous actions, but he deleted it soon after. A teaser that showed behind-the-scenes footage of the music video shoot has been revealed as well.

Track List, Credits & Introduction:
    Lyrics by Iron | Composed and arranged by Kidoh
    The album’s only pre-release. The music reminds of watching a film noir, the beat change making it even more interesting.
  2. Interlude (CD Only)
    Composed by Supreme Boi
    A Memphis-style trap track that connects to the title track.
    Lyrics by Supreme Boi, Iron | Composed by Supreme Boi | MV directed by EumKo
    The title track is based on a punk rock sound, dominated by a powerful arrangement and Iron’s rebellious lyrics. He says that in order to become one’s natural self in this world full of pretense and hypocrisy, one first has to hit rock bottom. Iron’s autobiographic lyrics are of a kind that is probably unprecedented in the Korean hiphop scene.
  4. HATE THE LIFE (Feat. Supreme Boi)
    Lyrics by Supreme Boi, Iron | Composed by Supreme Boi
    Life always makes us choose. This track started from the words: “We chose not to choose anything.”
    Iron and Supreme Boi’s lyrics paradoxically speak for this era’s youth.
  5. Skit (CD Only)
    Iron secretly recorded a conversation with his fellow Rock Bottom members.
    You will hear their unfiltered idea of a perfect life.

  6. ROLL (Feat. Kidoh)
    Lyrics by Iron, Kidoh, Supreme Boi | Composed by Hongsamman, Supreme Boi
    There are several ways of loving in this world. This track is about a twisted SM love story that the involved do not see as something wrong, like society would, but as their natural, God-given human nature.
  7. 하남 주공 아파트 (Apartment in Hanam, Jugong)
    Lyrics by Iron | Composed by Supreme Boi
    This oriental-sounding track is about the apartment Iron lived in as a child. The current Jung Hunchul is sending the young Hunchul a message of comfort and consolation, and the narrator of the past is in return comforting the Iron of the present.
  8. 920108 (CD Only)
    Composed by Supreme Boi
    This track serves as an interlude before ‘TURN BACK’. The crying of a baby and the wailing screams hint in advance at the topic of ‘TURN BACK’ which is about the pain of the Korean people. The title’s date ‘920108’ is Iron’s date of birth as well as the date of the first assembly regarding the Japanese’s apology for the issue of the Korean comfort women.
  9. TURN BACK (Feat. 강허달림 (Gang Heo Dalim))
    Lyrics by Iron, Supreme Boi | Composed by Supreme Boi
    During the Japanese colonial era, the Korean people suffered great pain under Japanese control. Some were forced to labor in workhouses, some others were degenerated to someone’s plaything from one day to the next. All of them surely dreamed of going back to their hometown, the place where they could laugh brightly as children. ‘TURN BACK’ is dedicated to their desperation.


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