Rem and Moro - It G Ma Squad Hymn Remix cover

New tracks on SoundCloud by Kebee, Pe2ny, and Rem and Moro

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Listen to these freshly released instrumentals and remixes by Kebee, Pe2ny, and Rem and Moro!

SouLimeSounD’s producer Pe2ny has released a free instumental called ‘Good Night’. It’s a very chill and smooth beat, give it a listen!

It is also available on Facebook and Bandcamp.


Rem and Moro has released his remix of Keith Ape’s successful track ‘It G Ma’. Fun fact: the ‘woo~’ that you can hear as main ‘instrument’ in the background throughout the remix is actually taken from Okasian’s verse on Don Mills’ ‘화합 (화끈힙합) feat. CJamm, Okasian’. The line goes “Woo~ after I have died I will rest~” [우- 죽고나서 나 쉴게~].


Rapper Kebee has uploaded four instrumentals. Three of them are old ones: ‘Space Tour’ (2009), ‘Zero Time’ (2008), ‘Lewin’ (2007). The fourth is the instrumental of 불한당’s ‘A Tribe Called Next’: i11evn, illinit, Justhis, 넉살, Born Kim – ATCN (with Sean2Slow)

All instrumentals and more can be found on Kebee’s SoundCloud.