Hojo Habibi - Habibi Shuaia Part 1 (cover)

Hojo Habibi releases mixtape ‘Habibi Shuaia Part 1’

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Check out Hojo Habibi’s jazz-hiphop mixtape ‘Habibi Shuaia Part 1’!

Hojo Habibi has lived for a long time in the Middle East and in the USA, now he goes to university (in Seoul?) and has released the mixtape ‘Habibi Shuaia Part 1’ on which he raps in English, Korean, some Japanese and Swahili! ‘Habibi Shuaia’ is Arabic for ‘Baby Slowly’.
Give the mixtape a listen below and download it (further below)!



01. Habibi Shuaia (Baby Slowly) (Inst. Birocratic – Sombre, Green)
02. Dream Music (Inst. J Dilla – Flowers)
03. Life Goes On (Inst. Pete Rock – In My Flesh)
04. Want, Do, Love, Say (Inst. BluntedBeatz – Sunny Times)
05. s*x (Inst. FloFilz – Ivebeentryin’)
06. The Coca-Cola (Inst. Jeff Bernat – If You Wonder)

Lyrics by Hojo Habibi
Mixed by Hojo Habibi
Cover artwork by Hojo Habibi & Kim Minsun
Photoshop by Kim Minsun

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